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What does the term 'Consumer Rights' means?

A legal agreement in which a person, a company or some kind of organisation agrees to provide goos or services for someone else in return, usually for money.


What does failing to deliver MEAN?
as in • doesn't work properly or • not what you were promised

The shop or person you were dealing with has failed to keep their side of the contact


What does the law says if failing to deliver?

We are entitled to our money back or compensation from the person or company with whom the contract was made


Which legislation apply to most things we buy today?

Sale of Goods Act 1979


Who is the contact with when we buy goods or services?

The shop, not the manufacturer


Name 3 things in the Sale of Goods Act 1979

1) Fit the description given
2) Be of satisfactory quality
3) Be fit for purpose


If the consumer did not complain within a reasonable time, what would happened?

In law would be seen as accepted the goods, making it much harder to claim a refund


Who is responsible to sort the problem when you buy goods in a shop



What can you do if you are buying at home?

• 7 days cooling off period after the contract is made
• The order can be cancelled without any reason and a full refund made


What rights do you have if you buy something in a sale?

Same rights as if it was full price


What can you do if you are buying on the internet?

• A 7 working days, staring the day after receipt of the goods
• Can be cancelled without any reason and full refund made


What should you do when buying a gift?

Check the refund policy
∆ There is no legal requirement for the retailer to refund or exchange unwanted gifts


What does 'Fit the description given' means in the Sale of Good Act 1979?

Fit the description given to the product
Packaging, labelling and any description given must be clear and honest


What does 'Be of satisfactory quality' means in the Sale of Good Act 1979?

1) To be safe
2) Work properly
3) Free from defects(flaw)


What does 'Be fit for purpose' means in the Sale of Good Act 1979?

Capable of coin what they are meant for


Name 5 Acts on Consumer Rights

1) Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982
2) Trade Descriptions Act 1968
3) Consumer Credit Act 1984
4) Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977
5) Consumer Safety Act 1987


Name 2 consumer responsibilities

1) Always keep proof of purchase
2)Check large, expensive items, such as electrical goods


Name 4 ways to enforce your consumer rights

1) Take it back
2) Ask to see the manager
3) Write a letter
4) Keep a record


Where can you find help and what do they do?

1) Citizens Advice Bureau
• Advise
2) Trading Standards Department
• Investigate complaints & take action against people who break the law
3) Office of Fair Trading - a gov. office
• Take action against people who break the consumer law
4) Consumer Direct
• Online and telephone consumer information service
5) Small Claims Procedures
• Put case to a judge in country court
6) Solicitors
• Give advice and take action on behalf of their clients over a range of legal issues


When can people claim damages from the manufacturer?

Anyone suffering injury or damage from unsafe or dangerous goods