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What is 'Free Press' ?

∆ The media have the right to investigate and report on issue of public interest. However, this is subject to the need of privacy and dignity
∆ The government does not tell the newspaper what they are allowed to print


State ONE reason why press freedom is important in a democracy

• Acts as a check on government
• Prevent government present online side of an argument and withhold information we need to know


State ONE thing the law prevents the media from doing

Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• Plays, films and books have to be submitted to a government censor before they are released to the general public
• Press releases, radian and television broadcasts are carefully monitored to make sure the correct viewpoint are being given


State one way in which the media bring about change by influencing public opinion and decision making

*Before General Election/ Referendum
1) Providing facts to help people form their opinions
2) Interviewing people with different opinions on a issue to give them publicity
3) By promoting the opinion of the media company or newspaper


5 Human Rights link to the media

1) Freedom of speech
2) Freedom of press
3) Freedom of expression
4) Freedom of information
5) Right to privacy and a family life - Human RIghts Act


Why does the media need to expose the truth

1) Get all the information to make judgements on issues
2) Expose corruption e.g. Government / Business bribes or favours
3) Point out injustice by the government, the law, powerful groups or other citizens
4) Expose criminal activities
5) Check on government


Media in non-democratic society

• Control the media so news stories reflect well on the government
• Country's ruler can control the content of books, newspaper, radio and TV
• Fear to lose faith in their authority


What and why certain information was kept from public

1) During Second World War
• Pictures and details of bomb damage were deliberately kept out
∆ Fear of giving information to the enemy
∆ Fear of lowering public morale
2) After 9/11 USA,UK gov. limited broadcasts of Osama Bin Laden
∆ Might encourage people to volunteer to fight for the Taliban
∆ Might contain hidden codes ordering further attacks
∆ Fear publicity for Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban


Why do pressure groups use media

To draw attention to prisoners of conscience and injustice around the world
e.g. Malala using BBC blog


How do local basis campaign groups use local media

E.g. Twitter
To fight for local causes and raise public attention
e.g. wind turbines, closing libraries


Which legislation charge newspaper or publisher with criminal offence if something obscene is published.

Obscene Publications Act


Deformation of Character (Libel)

Laws prevent anyone from making public statement about people that are not true, that person can sue them for damages


Under which legislation prevent the press publish anything classed as an official secret

Official Secrets Acts


Where do newspaper editors sent to if secret details were published

Contempt of Court - face a prison sentence


Problems arise when a small number of companies own most of the media in the UK

1) Narrows the range of news the public are exposed to
e.g. For European Elections BBC report both UKIP campaign and BNP campaign
2) Bias
e.g. Rupert Murdoch owns multiple outlets
• Political bias - reporting of the MP's expenses, e.g. Maria Miller reassignment
• Impact on election results
3) Using one media source to promote another
e.g. Rupert Murdoch promote Sky programmes in 'The Sun'


State BBC's mission

To enrich people's lives with programmes and service that inform, educate and entertain


BBC's scandals

1) Failure to report what is knew about Jimmy Saville
2) Suggested Lord Mcalpine was involved in a sex scandal - was later proved untrue


Advantage of BBC World Service

In countries without free press, people can get reliable information


Example when Human RIghts is taken - related to media

2014 - Turkey bans Twitter
2014 - 2 people jailed for offensive comments and threats made against a women campaign groups
2013 - Zimbabwe ban on raids during the run up to the election campaign


Example when press clash with right to privacy

Pictures of Prince Harry naked during a private visit to USA


Which organisation control the press (especially for newspaper)

Press Complaint Commission


Press Complaint Commission's scandals

1) Celebrities phone hacking
2) Rebecca Leighton accused killing but someone else now been convicted


What does Ofcom do?

Controls the output (quality and standards) on TV and radio


Arguments supporting media censorship

1) Children and vulnerable individuals can be influenced by what they see
2) Should be stop when intruded people's privacy
3) Famous people should have a right to a private life


Arguments against media censorship

1) Democracy needs freedom of information
2) Privacy laws have been used by powerful people to core up their misdeeds
3) Who decides what needs to be kept secrets of what needs to be censored?


What does 'Leveson Inquiry' do?

To examine the culture of the press in respond to the phone-hacking scandal


How does the press influence use

1) Selection of stories
2) Position of stories
3) Photographs/ images


How does language and writing styles influence us?

1) Create stereotypes
2) Owners views