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Humanitarian aid

Sent quickly in response to an emergency in order to save lives
Eg. Vanuatu


Problems with humanitarian aid

1) Depend on it too much
2) Free food drove many farmers out of business because people don't want to by their millet


Development aid

Designed to fund longer term projects that aim to help people improve their quality of life. Many gov. from richer countries offer support to people in poorer countries


Bilateral aid

Given from one country to another for a specific project


Problems with bilateral aid

1) Not what the LEDC needs
2) LEDCs gov. choose where to spend the money meaning not everyone might be able to receive the aid
3) MEDCs feel they should support the donor country with diplomatic or military assistance.


Example of bilateral aid

Foreign aid on Afghanistan
To run democratic elections
Health and education projects


Multilateral aid

Given by gov. to international agencies and the agencies decide how it should be spent
Eg. EU, UN & World Bank


Why does the UK give a substantial amount of aid?

1) To gain military support
2) Oil prices negotiation


Benefits of multilateral aid

1) More likely to meet the needs of the LEDC
2) Less likely to promote the interests of the country giving the aid


NGO aid

Voluntary aid
Use local organisation to distribute the aid
Eg. Oxfarm, Save the Children, International Red Cross


Problems of NGO aid

1) The UK has less control over where it is spent
2) Voters in the UK may not agree with some causes