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1) Pressure for Change from

A pressure group
Moral Panic - media
Government's Own Manifesto Promise


2) is

Private Member's Bill


3) Green Paper

issued by the Government containing key ideas for a law. Comments are invited.


4) White Paper

published - draws together all the consultation from which a bill can be drafted by the Drafting Committee but it can still be very long.


5) First Reading

Introduces the Bill to the House of Commons
At this stage there is no debate


6) Second Reading

The ideas behind the bill, rather than the details are debated in the House of Commons and a vote is taken to see if there is enough interest for the bill to continue for detailed consideration.


7) Committee Stage

A standing committee made up of 16 - 20 MPs from all parties examined the contents of the bill clause by clause. Sometimes details are changed.


8) Report stage

The bill is reintroduced into the House of Commons. Further changes can be made.


9) Third reading

The bill is debated in order to approve it in its latest form. If it is approved it is sent to the House of Lords.


10) House of Lords

Much the same as in the Commons, except that the committee stage is done by the whole House. Also the third reading may take longer. The Lords can refuse to approve a bill and suggest changes, but they can't deal a bill for more than one year.


11) House of Commons

The Bill is passed back to the House of Commons


12) Royal Assent

The bill is finally passed to the monarch for royal asset. This is formality - the king or queen cannot make any changes


13) Act of Parliament

The bill becomes an Act of Parliament - statute law.