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Employees have two kinds of legal rights in their employment. What are they?

1) Acts of Parliament provide statutory rights such as Working Time Regulations - 4 weeks paid holiday
2) Contract of Employment


Name 2 rights an employee has

Minimum wage
Equal opportunities


Name 2 responsibilities an employee has

Work to contract
Support rules of the business


Name 2 rights an employer has

Support health and safety
Support of business aim


Name 2 responsibilities an employer has

Duty of care to employee's
Provide a safe and healthy place to work


At what age can you get a job?

13 as long as you school gives permission


What is a contract of employment?

A written employment contract that include date of employment, pension terms, job title and description of duties.


When should you have a written contract by?

Within 2 months of starting work


If you don't have a written contract of employment what happens if there is a problem?

Solve the problem with their employer informally
Take to Trade Union Congress (TUC)


Name 3 things you might find in a contract of employment

1) Job title and description
2) The date of employment began
3) Pay, hours, overtime, holiday and sick pay entitlement