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Movement of people to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions.



A person who leaves their country or region



A person who arrives from another country or region


Why do people emigrate?

- A better life
- Bring skills
- Filling a gap


Why people leave an area?
(Push factor)

- Lack of services
- Lack of safety
- War
- Poverty
- Flooding, drought
- Crop failure
- High crime
Fleeing from persecution or poverty
Example Jews in the 1930s'
More recent arrivals from Uganda, Vietnam, Libya


Why people move to a particular area
Pull factors

- More Wealth
- Higher employment
-Political stability
- Lower risk from natural hazards
- Better services
- Good climate
- Safer, less crime
- More fertile land
Looking for a better life for themselves as economic migrants


5 sources of immigrants

1) Economic Migration
2) Internally Displaced People
3) Refugees
4) Asylum Seekers
5) Illegal immigrants


Economic Migration

The process of people moving into this country to live and work.


Internally Displaced People

People who have been forced to flee their homes, but have not reached a neighbouring country.
They are not protected by international law or eligible to receive many types of aid.



Someone who has fled to another country because they fear persecution as a result of their beliefs, religion, race or colour.


Asylum seeker

An asylum seeker is a refugee who is applying to settle into a host country.


Why do people seek asylum in the UK?

- The UK has a good record on human rights
- People prefer to live in an English speaking country
- Same ethnic group may already live somewhere in the UK.
- The UK is a wealthy country that can afford to support asylum seekers
- People who live in the UK have a right to housing, education and health care


Name 2 rights asylum seekers have in the UK

- To be treated fairly and lawfully
- To practise their own religion
- To have their application considered fairly and accurately
- To have access to support and housing if they meet the requirements for it
- To have access to free health care from the National Health Service (NHS)
- To have legal representation.


Name 2 responsibility asylum seekers have in the UK

-To co-operate with the UK Border Agency and to tell the truth
- To stay in regular contact with the UK Boarder Agency and keep all your appointments
- To obey the law
- To care for your children
- To leave the UK if your application is refused


Migration policy

1) Unrestricted access to the UK for EU citizens [UK's membership of the EU]
2) Allows Asylum seekers to seek refuge for humanitarian reason [International human rights treaties]
3) Apply points based system fro managing the immigration of non-EU nationals [Skill level & reason to migrate]


Aim of "Point based system"

1) Allow people to move to Britain who are able to finically support themselves/their family
2) To reduce the number of immigrants who will be heavily dependent on the UK taxpayer thus reduce the financial burden of immigration


Describe the "Point based system"

1) Requires non-EU migrants to be earning at least £31,000 per year and pass the "Life in the UK" test
2) Criminal penalties relating to forced marriage to prevent sham marriages
3) Reduce the number of student visas to 260,000
4) Limit the ability of foreign students who work part time