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List of the countries that make up the United Kingdom

Northern Ireland



Passing authority from central to regional government


Name 3 devolved decision making bodies

The Scottish Parliament
National Assembly for Wales
Northern Ireland Assembly


2 examples of decisions made by one of devolved bodies that is different to the rest of the UK

-Health and education
eg. In the Scottish Parliament, they had law that abolished university tuition fees, providing free personal care for the elderly, introducing the smoking ban.


2 reasons why Scotland want more independent

They don't get much say in the UK Parliament.
They wanted more local Scottish democracy
They have different beliefs from the government
They have confidence that their oil can support themselves


2 advantages to Scotland if they were to gain independence

-Scotland's natural resources aloo sustainable energy for which more jobs are created
-Improve the wage gap between rich and poor (Wage in London compared to Scotland is huge)


2 disadvantage to the UK if Scotland was independent of the rest of the UK

- England cannot share Scotland's oil
- England would have no weapons to defend enemies (disarm)


How a bill goes through Parliament Royal Assent

Pressure for change - Green Paper - White Paper - First Reading - Second Reading - Committee Stage - Report stage - Third Reading - House of Lords - House of Commons - Royal Assent - Act of Parliament


Royal Assent

The bill is finally passed to the monarch for royal asset. This is a formality - the king or queen cannot make any changes


What is the difference between a bill and an Act?

Act is law passed by parliament
Bill proposed to change something into law


Green Paper

Puts forward ideas that the government wants discussed before it starts to develop policy


White Paper

Put government policy up for discussion before it becomes law.


Where do ideas for bills come from?

- A pressure group e.g. Greenpeace
- Moral Panic - media
- Government's One Manifesto Promise


Private Members BIll

A type of public bill that can be introduced by either members of the House of Commons or House of Lords who are not Ministers.


What happens in committee

Detailed examination of the bill, usually stars within few weeks of a bill's second reading