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Missing school on a regular basis for no good reason


Exclusion (Short term)

A pupil is not allowed to attend school or go on to school premises for a period of time or permanently


Permanent exclusion

The head teacher believes that the school can no longer meet the needs of the child or believes that the child should not be allowed back at the school


What is a governor and what do they do?

School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children's education
• Oversees the financial performance of the school and make sure the money is well spent
•Sets the school vision, ethos and strategic direction


Parents should be punish if their child doesn't go to school

• It is part of the parental responsibility
• The treat of punishment would encourage good behaviour, in both the children and the parents


Parents should not be punish if their child doesn't go to school

• Punishment alone might not solve the problem
• Children would not learn anything if their parents had to pay for the behaviour
• It is difficult to have complete control over children's action


Key stages in handles bullying cases

• Allo both sides to be aware that bullying is occurring
• Offres "no blame" to both sides
• Sanction will be given depends on the severity of the bullying


Process that you would go through if you (or your parents) have a complaint about the school

1) Wirte to the Deputy Head, your complaint will be registered
2) Headmaster will be aware and will reply within two days of receiving the complaint
3) A meeting will be arranged to discuss the matter
4) After the meeting the pupil will be kept informed


Home School Agreement and what might it contain?

Governing bodies must have regard to it when fulfilling their duties in respect of home school agreement
• The importance of and responsibility for regular and punctual attendance
• The importance of and responsibility for good discipline and behaviour
• Schools, parents and pupils in relation to homework


National Curriculum

Outlines what must be taught at what age
A level


3 things a school council does

• Understand how the school operates
• Understand about democracy
• Developing skills of debate
• Communicating with others
• Making decisions/ having a say
• Feeling more a part of the school community