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What does the phrase 'minimum wage' mean?

The minimum hourly rates that employers must pay their workers


Why do you think a minimum wage was introduced into the UK?

• Correct underpayment by employers
• Avoid poverty
• Promote standard quality of life & gender equality


What does the Working Time Directive do?

1) To protect the health and safety workers in member states
2) Limits the working week in EU states to a maximum of 48 hours, averaged over a 17 week period
3) Lays down regulations about the number of rest breaks that workers should have and the amount of holiday which they are entitled to.


Name 2 pieces of legislation that govern working life

1) Employment Equality Regulations
2) Sex Discrimination Act
3) Race Relations Act


Name 3 reasons why someone may pin a trade union

1) Provide opportunity for education and training
2) Campaign for equal pay for women and fair pay for all
3) Give information, support, legal and other advice


Name two organisation that campaign for the rights of an employer

Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
Institute of Directors


What do the letters ACAS stand for

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service


What does ACAS do?

1) Provide independent advice and high quality training
2) Solve problems within employee and employer and improve performance


What actions can an employer take against an employee who is not behaving as (s)he should, before they reach dismissal stage?

1) Verbal Warning
2) Written Warning
3) Dismissal


What is the difference between notice and redundancy?

Notice - Where an employee wishes to leave the organisation
Redundancy - When you job does not need doing anymore because of new technology


If an employee thinks they have been unfairly treated name 2 coerces of action they can take

Trade Union Congress
Employment tribunal
Citizen Advice Bureau


How long do you need to be employed for before you can take a case to an employment tribunal?

2 years


State one way in which an employers association represents its members

• Lobbies government/ campaigns on their behalf
• Conducts research
• Publishes information
• Negotiates with unions
•Represents the employer at tribunals/ legal advice


State one way in which the law protects the interests of employers

• Allows them to discipline staff
• Protects them against intellectual property theft/ safeguards patents/ protects copyright
•May limit their liability for financial loss


State one way in which a trade union might support its members

1) Offer advice/ provide information
2) Provide a specific type of support or representation
3) Attend to health and safety matters
4) Press for improved pay or condition
5) Provide insurance/ health benefits/ welfare support


List 4 unfair dismissals

1) Trade Union
2) Pregnancy - need to attend maternity classes or plan to take maternity leave
3) Health and safety - reasonable concern about healthy and safety at work
4) Family emergencies - deal with illness of their child or family member


State one example of a trade union

2) NUT


State one way in which an employers association represents its members

Negotiates with unions
Conducts research
Represents the employer at tribunals/ legal advice