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EU drafted the ? (E C F R)

European Charter of Fundamental Rights


Stronger laws means

greater legal protection


Ban of financial gain from human body strengthens the law against

slavery, illegal organ transplants, prostitution, and the selling of surrogate babies


Education protection so that people can

Complain when their rights are being violated
"All people should be free to fulfil their potential."


Raising awareness - Example

Use the publicity of the Olympics to pressurise the Chinese gov. to respect people's rights.


Amnesty International holds campaign to encourage people to

Write to governments
Letting governments know is a very useful deterrent.


Pressure groups like Human Rights Watch ,

Produce reports on governments each year to draw attention to their human rights record.
They encourage individuals, companies and governments that respect human rights not to tare with those that don't


Unarmed observers on the ground
from pressure group and Untied Nation

Zimbabwe Election in July 2013
Zimbabwe Support Network placed 7,000 observers around the country
UN send in observers. Syria to oversee the destruction of chemical weapons


Define Economic Sanctions

When you put restrictions on your trade with another country to pressure them into doing something
Eg. Restrictions or banning certain key goods such as medical aid. Limiting the movement of money.


Aim of Economic sanction

To force countries to uphold humans rights or face economic penalties.


Iraq economic sanctions

medical care became very restricted for ordinary people and hence the sanction were imposed.
In this case, hurting and violation the human rights of the people they are intended to protect


Job for UN peacekeepers

Monitor human rights and protect them where possible, without getting drawn into the conflict.
Because they are there on behalf of the UN, their presence is legal and neutral


Example of UN peacekeepers being involved

Cyprus over the last 25 years.


Define Military action

Sending in troops, or deploying aircraft to prevent further human rights abuse from occurring.


Aim of military action

To protect the right to life and security of innocent individuals


Example of military intervention

Regim change in Iraq 2003.
the USA, UK, Spain etc invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein's government


Define Ethnic cleansing

When a whole ethnic group is forced to move from their homes and are killed.
Ethnic cleansing is a War Crime


Example of ethnic cleansing

Bosnia in the mid 1990s


Define "genocide"
Example Nazi

An attempt to wipe out a whole group of people


Aim International Criminal Court

It doesn't matter where the criminal committed the crime, if it was illegal under international law they will be prosecuted