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6 Benefits of being a member of the EU

1) Study, work and residence
2) Travel and shopping
3) The environment
4) Freedom, security and justice for all
5) Jobs and growth
6) Peace and stability


6 Costs of being a member of the EU

1) Democracy and decision-making
2) Public opinion
3) Paying out
4) The UK's status as an independent nation
5) Trade and prosperity
6) Regulations and delay


European citizenship

Freedom to move
The right to vote and stand in local gov. & European Parliament election


Aim of the EU

1) Promote economic and social progress
2) Speak of the EU on the international scene
3) Four special rights as European citizenship
4) Develop Europe as an area of freedom, security and justice
5) Maintain and build on established EU law


The EU does not

1) Decide on income tax
2) Set the level/nature of state benefits
3) Dictate school curricula
4) Enforce conscription
5) Declare war
6) Give power of arrest to foreign police


What does the EU do?

1) Oversee single market
2) Oversee single currency
3) Oversee money for economic regeneration


Treaty of Rome 1975

Proposed the creation of a common market for goods, workers, services and capital within the member states


When did the UK join the EU



4 qualities to join the EU

1) Stable democracy and respect
2) Have a functioning market economy
3) Adopt EU law, common rules & standards
4) Have a legal framework which can be follow


How often doses the top political leaders from the Member States meet in Brussels to discuss the big issue?

Every 4 years


How long does the president of European Council is served for?

two and a half year


Describe what does the European Commission do?

* Make sure the laws are put into practice
1) Looks after the fishing industry across Europe and sets rules for how much fish countries are allowed to catch and what kind and size of fish
2) Competition in business & companies have an equal chance to compete with each other


4 freedoms from Single Market 1993

1) Movement of goods
2) Services
3) People
4) Money


Single European Act 1986

Provide basis of the free-flow of trade across EU borders


Treaty of Amsterdam 1999

Protect the environment
Act together to security and defence matters


'Schengen' agreements

Allow people to travel without having their passports checked at the borders


What does the European Parliament do?

1) Debate ideas put forward by the Commission
2) Approves the EU budget and new members of the European Commission


Which department decide what should be made into law?

Council of Ministers


The UK is represented by how many MEPs?