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Functions of Hydrochloric Acid

1. Activates enzymes pepsin and lingual lipase
2. Breaks up connective tissues and plant cell walls
3. Converts ingested ferric ions to ferrous ions that can be used for hemoglobin
4. Destroys ingested bacteria and pathogens


Intrinsic Factor (Parietal Cells)

Essential for absorption of B12 by small intestine
Necessary for RBC production (pernicious anemia)


Pepsin (Chief Cell)

Secreted as pepsinogen
HCl converts it to pepsin, which activates more pepsinogen


Gastric Lipase (Chief Cell)

Gastric lipase + lingual lipase digests 10-15% of dietary fat
Remainder in the small intestine


Intestinal Phase

Gastric activity INCREASES
Enterogastric reflex=duodenum INHIBITING stomach
Chyme stimulates duodenal cells to release SECRETIN, CCK, and GASTRIC INHIBITORY PEPTIDE to SUPPRESS gastric secretion and motility