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Health Belief Model

Assumes that people Fear of diseases, eg TB. Actions determined by degrees of fear vs barriers to action
- perceived susceptibility
- perceived severity
- perceived benefit
- perceived barriers
- cue to action (triggers one's readiness)
- self-efficacy (confidence)


Theory of Reasoned Action

-most important determinants is a person's behavioral intention, which is determined by
- attitude
- normative beliefs
- whether influential others approve or disapprove of performing the behavior


Theory of Planned Behavior

- extension of Reasoned Action Model
- added perceived behavioral control


Social learning (cognitive) Theory

- Behavior is explained in a dynamic interaction of
- personal
- environmental
- behavior influences
"reciprocal determinism "
- also learning from observing others


Trams-theoretical Model
"Readiness for Change"
Temporal dimension, stages of change

1. Pre-contemplation
2. Contemplation
3. Preparation
4. Action
5. Maintenance


Fogg Behavior Model

- Motivation
Most difficult to influence
- Ability
- Trigger
Easiest to do
Focus on trigger first!


Rothman's Typology

Social action
Social planning
Locality development


For smoking cessation,
Actions at pre- contemplation stage

Discussing the risk of an unhealthy behavior


For smoking cessation,
Actions at contemplation stage

Offer personalized assessment of the pt's risk


For smoking cessation,
Actions at preparation stage

Pt is ready to develop an action plan. The action plan should included a quit date.


For smoking cessation,
Actions at action and maintenance stages

-Encouragement for sustaining the behavior
-Relapse prevention plan