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Who picks the attack stairway at a high rise MD?

Engine officer communicates with the truck officer to select the attack stairs


T or F
The second arriving OV secured a second fireman service elevator and worked in conjunction with the first arriving OV

True 6.3.2 B


Who brings the KO curtain to the floor above at a high rise MD?

1st and 3rd due roof


A PRIORITY when performing BISP in a HRFPMD should be to?

Verify that stairways are correctly labeled


Horizontal vent of the fire apt should be controlled by?

Truck boss operating in fire apt
Note: all other venting must be strictly limited and controlled by the IC


Vertical ventilation will only be performed at the direction of who at a HRFPMD?



Does the iC need to have HVAC systems shut prior to operating at HRFPMD?

The IC should confirm that all HVAC systems are shut down PRIOR to commencing any fire operations


Ventilation of the fire apt in HRFPMD's should take place AFTER the ?

Main body of fire has been CONTROLLED


Stairways other than the ______ stairs may be used for venting the fire floor at HRFPMDs

Note: if only 2 stairs, the attack stair will be primary means for vertical venting when the main body of fire is CONTROLLED and authorized by the IC.


Who recalls elevators at HRFPMDs?

1st due truck
Note: the 2nd due truck ensures that ALL elevators are recalled and searched


The doors to elevator machinery rooms at roof level should not be used for ventilation at HRFPMDS's until?

The fire is under control
Note: once fire under control, vent as long as wind will not force smoke back into building


Avoid overloading elevators. Each member and their equipment is considered to weigh?

276 pounds or more
FPMDS 6.1.3 E


If no outside operations at HRFPMD, the OV reports to lobby and places car in fireman service phase?



If OV is involved in outside Ops at HRFPMD, who from the first truck operates fireman service?

No one, a MEMBER of 2nd truck will operate.


The IC must ensure that if available, at least ____ elevator(s) will be driven in fireman service for the duration of a HRFPMD fire.



Fireman service Elevators at HRFPMDs should be maintained where after all units are in position?

Lobby and 2 floors below the fire. HR Office- lobby and forward staging area


When the main body of fire has been controlled at a HRFPMD, the adjoining apts can be forced for reasons such as?

-High CO
-SEVERE smoke conditions in the public hallway


T or F
If forcing an adjoining apt for an area of refuge at a HRFPMD, the door selected MUST be to an apt that is ENTIRELY on the same side of the building as the fire apartment



Which apartments should we gain access to on the floor above at a HRFPMD?

Generally, the only apt requiring access on the floor above is the apt directly above the fire apt.


T or F
High rise building includes all buildings more than 75 feet in height

75 feet or more


The 10-77 signal should provide sufficient units to initially manage a _____ fire and smoke condition.



List examples of a 10-77

- wind impacted fire conditions
- advanced fire on arrival
- heavy smoke on numerous floors
- numerous reports of persons in difficulty due to smoke
- fire is visible from the exterior


The 10-75 signal may be the initial signal used at a HRFPMD fire when internal conditions ?

Cannot be accurately determined on arrival


T or F
When the 2nd alarm is transmitted for a fire in a HRFPMD prior to the transmission of a 10-77, the IC will receive the balance of the 10-77 in addition to the 2nd alarm assignment



The Fast unit and the CFR engine shall be assigned to the fire sector when the fire is on the ____ floor or higher



T or F
The identity of HRFPMDs which require more than 3 length stretch from standpipe shall be made known to all first alarm units and should be entered into CIDS



Who notifies the 2nd engine and IC of the designation of the attack stairway?

1st due engine boss


T or F
The control ff can only leave the standpipe outlet when relieved by 2nd due control at a HRFPMD ?

The control FF will remain at the standpipe outlet throughout the operation to provide orderly and accurate communications


Who obtains post radio from 1st BC and brings it to the standpipe outlet where first HL is being connected?

2nd due engine boss
Note: engine officer then establishes a communications link on the command channel between the fire sector and the IC IF NECESSARY


Who ensures that the Siamese is supplied for standpipe at HRFPMD ?

2nd due engine officer
6.2.2 B


T or F
The 2nd due engine officer MUST advise the IC when their members are assisting the 1st engine advance in the IDLH



The stretching and operation of ___ hand lines at a 10-77 MAY require transmission of additional alarms



T or F
The IC determines when the 2nd line gets charged at a 10-77?

3rd due engine boss


T or F
An uncharged line shall be stretched into an IDLH at a 10-77 only under extreme circumstances

In no case will an uncharged line be stretched into an IDLH at a HRFPMD
6.2.3 c


T or F
The second line at a 10-77 can be used to operate into a breach in the adj apt wall while the first line is operating in the fire apt

While the first line is protecting the public hallway


What tools does the Cfr engine report in with at a HRFPMD?

Cfr equipment
Forcible entry tools


T or F
If the 1st due truck at a HRFPMD
Encounters smoke and/or heat in the hallway, they shall go back to stairwells and contact IC

The truck officer then ascertains from roof FF and members working outside if smoke and/or heat condition is due to a wind impacted fire. If that's the case then remain in stairwell and follow procedures in add 3


If unable to determine if wind impacted fire at a 10-77, ladder officer and one member go to control the door. Where does other member of FE team go?

Controls door to stairwell and remains on stairwell side of door


List two ways fire apt door can be controlled at a HRFPMD?

- keep member inside door with door closed but not locked; deadbolt
- position a member outside the door with door closed but not locked; deadbolt
6.3.1 , 1., 2.


What tools does First due OV carry with him at HRFPMD?

HALLIGAN , hook OR axe
Note: 2nd due OV has same tool assignment


Where does first due OV operate at 10-77 if outside ops not needed and no fireman service elevator?

Search for fire apt with inside team


What tools does first due roof take to floor above at a 10-77?

HALLIGAN , hydra ram and KO curtain


How does first due roof ff at 10-77 get to apt above?

ATTACK stairs
If IDLH, team up
Note: roof ff informs IC of conditions of hallway on floor above


Who does roof ff report apt layout to on floor above at 10-77?

Truck officer
Note: report on wind conditions as well


Who does roof ff notify if he finds person trapped at window at a HRFPMD ?

Notify your officer, calm the person and call for LSR


Who brings LSR to floor above at a HRFPMD if 1st due roof calls for it?

LCC, unless he can reach bictim from exterior
Note: if delivering rope, notify officer if assisting or going to roof


If no outside ops, WCD, or LSR ops, what does first due LCC do at a HRFPMD?

Team up with 2nd LCC and go to roof
Note: proceed via the EVACUATION stair to the roof


2nd due truck searches hallway on fire floor and attack stairway for 5 floors above. Communicate results of searches to?

IC or fire sector supv if established


Who coordinates the evolution of a WCD at a 10-77?

2nd truck officer


2nd due OV intends on using a service elevator remote from the fire area to transport members
What must he do first?

- notify IC
- operate the service elevator with building personnel


What is 2nd due roof FF's tool assignment at a 10-77?

Halligan, Maul, LSR and life belt
Note: take attack stairs to apt above


When would the IC assign the 3rd due truck to the roof of a HRFPMD ?

When outside ops, WCD or LSR evolutions prevent first and second LCC from getting to roof
Note : 3rd due truck would operate on roof and upper floors


If WCD is being used or LSR operation, who may be assigned to apt below?

3rd due truck
HRFPMDs 6.3.3


The Ventilation support group will be the ____ ladder company assigned on a 10-77



List the priority order for the use of PPV fans:

- pressurize attack stairwell to support fire attack
- pressurize the evacuation stairwell for smoke and CO control
- ventilating the public halls


Who brings fire window blankets to floor above?

The floor above teams of rescue and squad
HRFPMD 6.3.7


At a 10-75 or greater at a HRFPMD , ALL chiefs shall report in with their?

Post radios and their aides in full PPE


Can post radios be used on the tac channel or just the command channel at a 10-77?

In an emergency, post radios can provide 45 watt communication on the tactical channel


The fire sector is defined as?

The fire floor and the floor above


According to HRFPMD bulletin, when supplying standpipe a reasonable pressure estimate is?

100 psi plus 5 psi for each floor above street level


When should sprinkler siameses be supplied at a 10-77?

When sprinklers are located in the fire area or an adjacent area