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Describe the Search Rope.

- Made of either 5/16th" diameter white nylon or
- 7.5 mm diameter Kernmantle design
- 200' long
- Snap hook at each end
- Kernmantle type design will have a DOUBLE ACTION snap hook at the WORKING END and a snap hook that secures the rope to the bag.


What are the MOST COMMON reasons NYLON ropes shrink over time?

Moisture and temperature
*NYLON ropes may be short by 25' or MORE*


What are the intervals of the distance knots?

*Single knot at 25', two at 50', three at 75', four at 100', five at 125', six at 150' and seven at 175'*


What is the spacing BETWEEN the distance knots?

Approximately 6"


Which knot will NOT have a direction knot?

The 25' distance knot.


A single direction knot is located ____ BEFORE the distance knots when traveling ____ the direction of deployment. This knot will ______ be ______ to the tie off or exit.

- Closer


Who MUST be notified when a search rope is deployed?

When a unit deploys the search rope the I/C MUST be notified.


How is the search rope deployed?

The OFFICER controlling the search pays out the rope while KEEPING IT TAUT, maintaining a handhold on the rope AT ALL TIMES.


The search rope shall be maintained how far off the ground?

The rope shall be maintained approximately one to two feet above the ground.
*When changing direction or grade, the rope shall be tied off.*


Is the amount of rope deployed an accurate indication of a member's location in a building?

No. It may not be an indication of a member's location in a building.
*Distance knots may ONLY indicate the amount of rope deployed and NOT ACTUAL distance or location in a building.*


What is the officer's PRIMARY responsibility?

To coordinate the search.


Who decides if members will conduct searches OFF OF THE ROPE?

The officer MUST decide if members will conduct searches off of the rope.


Which factors will the officer include his decision to conduct searches off of the rope?

- The SIZE of the area to be searched
- The CONFIGURATION of the area to be searched
- The EXPERIENCE LEVEL of the search team
- The HEAT/SMOKE conditions
- The ability to stay within VOICE CONTACT.


The number of members assigned to the search rope team, under MOST CONDITIONS should be limited to?



Which unit, receiving orders to search an area requiring a search rope shall maintain unit integrity and will perform this function with ALL MEMBERS?

A unit OTHER THAN 1st alarm.


Which hand is kept on the search rope whether a unit is a relieving company or a company is being relieved?

The relieving company should enter the area to be searched with their RIGHT hand in contact with the rope (IF POSSIBLE). the company being relieved should exit the IDLH with their RIGHT hand in contact with the rope (IF POSSIBLE).
*You will be on the LEFT side of the rope, either way.*


When searching off of the rope, members should advise their officer of specific tasks accomplished. What are they?

1) Advise the officer of the area searched
2) A description of the are searched
3) Results of the search
*The OFFICER will relay the results of the search to the I/C.


Is the search rope used for lifting or lowering?

No. The search rope is to be used ONLY for search or guide purposes, NOT for lifting or lowering.


When is the search rope inspected?

Inspect the rope AFTER each use.


When is the search rope repacked?



When should companies hold drills on the use of the search rope?

Companies shall conduct FREQUENT drills using the rope.


Who is responsible for developing a schedule for training, inspecting and repacking the search rope?



When repacking the search rope, how is the rope laid out prior to placing it into the bag?

Lay the rope out on a dry surface
- Remove all kinks
- Coil CLOCKWISE beginning with the end of the rope that has the SINGLE KNOT.


How is the search rope coiled into the bag?

Coil the rope into the case COUNTER CLOCKWISE.