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In traditional buildings, collapse can occur in 20 mins once structural components are involved in fire. However in lightweight construction when the structural components are involved failure can occur in as little as ____ to ____ mins.

5 to 10 mins


What is the primary consideration in buildings constructed with lightweight materials ?



Areas unsupported by columns with spans greater than _____ feet are generally an indication that lightweight construction is present

25 ie 26 or more feet


The NYC building code requires lightweight constructed spaces between the ceiling and the floor above or the ceiling and roof above to be divided into approx equal areas of _____ sq feet or less unless the building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler



In regard to lightweight parallel chord wood truss construction, gang nails are the weakest point of the support system because they only penetrate ____ to _____ inches into the wood truss member

1/4 " to 1/2 "


Unless the fire is minor or confined to a small area, the primary emphasis for a fire in a lightweight building under construction is that of ?

An exterior attack


Nozzle FFs operating at LW PD fires should use the ___ _____ method due to the potential of fire and heat weakening the floor system and causing a collapse

Leg forward


Can u cut a hole in the roof of a peaked or flat roof PD which was built with lightweight construction?

Under no circumstances shall the roof be cut in any peaked or flat roof building of lightweight construction