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What are the four major components of a cell site?

1) The base station
2) The primary electrical power ( b/t 50 and 200 amps AC)
3) Coaxial cable (3-4 watts)
4) Transmitting and receiving antennas


What are the MOST COMMON installations?

1) Roof mounted (adds a DEAD load)
2) Interior (Room may be found on any floor)


What does the SECONDARY back up power consist of?

a) Batteries
b) Diesel generator OR
c) Natural Gas generator OR
d) Combination of a battery and a generator.


Cell site antenna may not extend higher than ___ feet above the height of the roof Or parapet on the roof OR ___ feet above any penthouse or bulkhead, if placed on such PH or bulkhead.



Who is responsible to notify their battalion, division and all first alarm units via TELEPHONE followed by WRITTEN MEMO?

The administrative company.


A CIDS card is required and shall include the following information?

1) The location of the cell site room
2) B/U power supply location
3) Shut offs
4) Emergency telephone number of the CELLULAR PHONE company.


What type of load does the roof mounted generator support system add to the parapets?

It adds a DEAD LOAD.


Is it advisable to operate DIRECTLY in front of the antenna?

No, do not operate directly in front of the antenna.


Due to the limited ventilation of cell site rooms, where are members advised to operate from?

Members are advised to operate from the exterior IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.


Is it a good practice to CUT or DISLODGE coaxial cable or antenna ground?

NO. Do not cut!


When would an additional engine and ladder be special called?

If the cell site INSTALLATION is involved.
*These units can be used for power removal, roof ops and handline placement.


For a reported fire in these buildings, the response of what specific unit must be INSURED on the initial alarm?

A tower ladder response on the INITIAL ALARM MUST be insured.


The bulletin recommends considering stretching a H/L to the roof at UPPER FLOOR FIRES. What would this H/L be utilized for?

To maintain egress routes and
to cool supporting "I" beams.


Ladder companies should consider utilizing which extinguishing device at INCIPIENT FIRES?

Portable dry chemical extinguisher.


What may be the ONLY indication of a cell phone site?

The existence of antenna and/or vertical conduit attached to an exterior wall.