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What is the closed length of a 35' P/L?
How much does it weigh?

20' and 135 lbs. respectively.


What is the closed length of a 24' P/L?
How much does it weigh?

14' and 80 lbs. respectively.


What is the closed length of the 14' "A" frame ladder?
How much does it weigh?

7' and 35 lbs. respectively.


What is the closed length of the 10' folding ladder?
How much does it weigh?

11' and 16 lbs. respectively.


What types of ladders do the Marine companies carry?

12' and 20' portable HOOK ladders with WOOD beams.
They are painted BLACK EXCEPT for the hooks and for 18" at the base of each beam which are painted WHITE.
The hooks are FIXED.
They do not have metal spurs at the base.


How are aluminum ladders constructed?

Either solid beam or truss.


What are the advantages of aluminum ladders?

They are lighter than wood ladders.
They will dent but will NOT chip or crack when subjected to severe impact, nor will they fail suddenly because of overloads.
They will bend but NOT break as wood does.
A slow oxidizing of the surface occurs but it can be polished off.


What are the disadvantages of aluminum ladders?

They readily conduct electricity.
They conduct heat very rapidly.
If an aluminum ladder has been subjected to excessive heat exposure at a fire, even for a brief period, it may have lost its heat treatment. This may affect its load carrying capacity, even though the metal shows no sign of any change. A discoloration may indicate a loss of structural strength.
In either case the Fire Tools and Equipment Unit shall be notified.


If ladders cannot be held securely, which unit must be IMMEDIATELY notified by telephone?

The Fire Tools and Equipment Unit shall be immediately notified by telephone.
Additionally, a requisition shall be fowarded and an entry made in the company journal.
Temporary fastenings shall be checked after each response.


When is it permitted to leave a ladder off the apparatus?

When the OOD feels that a particular ladder cannot be temporarily secured to the SPARE in a safe manner and there is a danger of the loss of the ladder during response.
An entry shall be made in the company journal.


Where is the NUMERICAL length of a ladder marked?

It shall be marked on the side of the rails WITHIN 12" of the end of the ladder.
Straight ladder - Each end of each rail
Extension Ladder - At the butt end ONLY of each rail of the bed ladder.


Where is the unit designation marked on a P/L?

The unit designation shall be marked within 18" of each butt.