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What are the five stages of collapse?

1 - Reconnaissance
2 - Surface victims - accounting for and removal
3 - Void search
4 - Selected debris removal
5 - General debris removal


How is the emergency signal sounded?

One long blast (3 seconds) - Cease operations/All quiet
3 short blasts (1 second each) - Evacuate the area
1 long blast & 1 short blast - Resume operations


Where do the 1st and 2nd arriving engines position themselves at a collapse?

They should take separate hydrants outside the block, each on separate mains and prepare to supply hand lines and a LCS.
3rd and 4th engines should take similar positions at the rear of the structure.


What units are used to seal off the ends of the street?

Two of the second alarm engine companies will be used to seal off the ends of the street.
ECC's of these units must remain in the cab, able to move the apparatus if directed by the IC.


Where are TL's positioned at a collapse?

TL's should be placed I/F/O the collapsed structure, outside of the collapse danger zone. Initially, the 1st arriving TL should be the only unit I/F/O the collapse building, unless there is a specific need for additional units.


Where do subsequent arriving TL's be positioned?

To reach and protect a different exposure.