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Who can utilize the specialized Fireice equipment?

Only members trained in conducting Fireice operations can utilize the specialized equipment.


What types of fires is Fireice approved to be used on?

It is approved for use on Class "C" (electrical) fires.


When will Fireice be applied?

Application of this product will be by a TRAINED unit at the request of a Con Edison supervisor ON SCENE and by APPROVAL of the Chief in Charge.


What equipment is required to be used with the Fireice extinguishing agent?

A) Specifically designed nozzle/tip equipped with a built-in eductor and S/O.
B) 25' length of 3/4" hose connected to the eductor with a pick-up tube attached,
C) 1 3/4" hand line supplies the system,
D) 25 pound container of Fireice


Is Fireice effective on Class "B" fires?

Fireice is NOT effective on Class "B" fires.


What is Fireice not intended for use on?

It is NOT intended for use at ANY type of transformer fire; that includes transformers located in BELOW grade vaults or rooms and transformers that mounted on poles.


What is the recommended operating pressure at the nozzle when applying Fireice?

It shall be b/t 60-100 PSI.
*Lower than 60 psi will not be able to create the suction through the pick up tube.
*Higher than 100 psi will make it difficult to direct the product.


Where should the member operating the nozzle commence operations?

At a safe standoff distance of 50'.


What is the MINIMUM safe distance recommended from the manhole opening when using Fireice?

*A dry 50' length of hose can be used to accurately judge distances.*


The stream of the Fireice solution should be directed to fall ______ in front of the manhole opening?

Approximately one foot in front of the manhole opening.


Who is responsible for any clean up of the Fireice at an operation?

Con Edison is responsible for any clean up that may be required.


Is the use of the SCBA with face piece an option when working with Fireice?

Yes. If contact with any airborne product is unavoidable, members shall consider the use of SCBA with face piece.
*Operate UPWIND from the product
*Refrain from positioning themselves DIRECTLY over the product container when using the eductor.


How long will the Fireice nozzle be flushed for?

Flush the nozzle with fresh water for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds.


Is it necessary to clean the pick-up tube?

No. It will not be necessary to clean the pick up tube in the traditional manner in which a foam pick-up tube is cleaned.
*Pick-up tube and hose MUST be dry before any use OR re-use.*