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Which foam is extremely useful on fires and spills involving flammable and combustible liquids?

Low expansion foams.
They provide extinguishment and vapor control.


Which foams are intended to fight fires of class "A" combustible materials in areas that are inaccessible to F/F's, such as cellars and ship holds?

High expansion foams.
FYI - It is not suitable for use on outdoor flammable liquid fires.


What are the low expansion foams currently in use in the FDNY?

a) Fluoroprotein
b) Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein (Fluoropolydol)
c) Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)


Is it permissible to mix foam concentrates?

No. They are not compatible and should NEVER be mixed for storage.


Is it permissible to apply two different types of LOW EXPANSION finished firefighting foams simultaneously, e.g., Fluoroprotein and Alcohol (Polydol)?

FYI - Hi-Ex foam is NOT TO BE USED in conjunction with low expansion foam.


Protein foam is not used by the FDNY and is not effective on......

Gasohol or polar solvents.


Foam concentrate is......

A mixture of various foaming agents, surfactants and in some cases, anti-freeze compounds, specifically formulated to produce a mass of air filled bubbles which when mixed with water and air in the proper proportions, will float on the surface of a fuel.


Foam solution.......

Is the mixture that results when foam concentrate is proportioned at a pre-determined rate with water.


Finished firefighting foam is........

What is applied to the fire or spill and accomplishes the extinguishment.


The four primary methods of extinguishment that finished firefighting foams provide are....

1) Smothers
2) Suppresses
3) Separates
4) Cools


The following foams correspond to the color band found on the container:

Fluoroprotein - Brown band
Alcohol - Green Band
Hi-expansion - Yellow Band
AFFF - Black Band


How many gallons of foam concentrate will be provided by the first alarm assignment of 3 engines and 2 ladders?

65 gallons of foam concentrate.
Each engine carries three 5 gallon cans 3x5=45
Each ladder carries two 5 gallon cans 2x5=20
(13 five gallon cans)
With one handline in operation, it will extinguish approx. 600 SQF.
Lasts approximately 22 minutes


How many foam handlines will be provided by the same first alarm units?

Up to three (3) foam hand lines for control.
Every engine company has also been issued a handline foam eductor (1 3/4"), which flows b/t 90 and 120 GPM and an aerating foam nozzle.


Using a handline nozzle, which four small scale incidents/operations can be controlled by the first alarm assignment are specifically mentioned?

a) The oil burner w/ fire out of the fire box (pit)
b) The automobile accident w/ fuel spill
*car fire with ruptured gas tank*
c) The car that knocks over a gas pump at a service station
d) A small spill (approx. 600 SQF) or similar situation.


Self educting nozzles are effective at....

a) A medium sized flammable/combustible liquid situation such as spill OVER 600 SQF (601, 602, etc.) up to 2,000 SQF,
b) A tanker tuck mishap
c) A loading rack incident or similar situation.


Master stream nozzles are effective at.......

a) Oil tank farms
b) Large spills OVER 2,000 SQF or
c) A large capacity tank truck that spilled its product


Pre-mixing of AFFF should be limited to?

Hand held extinguishers.


How many gallons/cans of Fluoroprotein are required to produce a 3% solution?

Three 5 gallon cans into a 500 gallon booster tank or four 5 gallon cans are required for a 750 gallon booster tank.
It should only be used when a foam eductor cannot be placed into operation.
The pumper that is being used should not be connected to a hydrant.


What is the most common way to produce a foam solution?

Through an in-line eductor.


What does the foam tender carry?

It carries 3,000 gallons of concentrate in three separate 1,000 gallon tank compartments, all of which carry Fluoroprotein Foam.


Which type foam is the superior fire extinguishing concentrate for hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, fuels, oils, etc.) as well as polar solvents (alcohol, ketones, etc.).

Fluoropolydol (Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein Foam)


Fluoropolydol should be used at a ____% rate for hydrocarbons and a ____% rate for polar solvents?

3% (h) and 6% (p)


What is the shelf life of protein based foam?

Approximately 10 years.
Fluoroprotein and
Alcohol Resistant Fluroprotein


What is the shelf life of synthetic based foam?

Approximately 20 years.
AFFF and Hi-Ex foams.


After the conclusion of a foam operation, where is the foam inventory report faxed to?

It is faxed to the first responding Foam Coordinator as soon as it is completed.


How many gallons and of which foam will be maintained at all foam depots?

Fifty (50) 5 gallon cans of each
Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein and
Hi-Ex Foam.
*AFFF is not mentioned.*
Tech Services Division is notified to restock its supply.


During scheduled maintenance of foam pumpers and related equipment, what will the ECC supply to the foam eductor?

200 PSI.


All engine companies that house Foam Carriers will conduct MONTHLY drills with their carrier when?

On the first MUD of the month.


What is High Expansion foam BEST suited for?

Use in confined areas on Class "A" fires.
Particularly INDOOR Class "A" fires in confined spaces.


What is High Expansion foam NOT recommended for?

On use on flammable liquid incidents.


High Expansion foam is primarily used to control?

Fires that are inaccessible or difficult to approach due to excessive heat.


Under certain conditions, HI-Ex foam has been effective on?

a) Liquid Natural Gas fires
b) Suppression or minimizing the release of toxic or flammable vapors with the EXCEPTION OF LPG.


What is the expansion ratio of foam to be classified as Hi-Ex foam?

An expansion ratio of 200/1 to 1000/1 is necessary to be classified as a Hi-Ex foam.


A relatively _____ flow of water is required in Hi-Ex foam operations (___GPM), _____ pump pressure is necessary to overcome the pressure loss at the eductor?

a) Small flow
b) 60 GPM.
c) High


What is required to be maintained at the inlet of the foam eductor in order to deliver sufficient water under proper pressure to the foam generator?

200 to 220 PSI