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What are induction drugs?

Powerful antirejection medicine used at the time of transplant


What are maintenance drugs?

Antirejection medications used for long term


Cyclosporine/Tacrolimus mechanism of action:

Block T cell cytokine production by inhibiting the phosphatase caclineurin and thus blocking activation of the NFAT transcription factor


Sirolimus (rapamycin) mechanism of action:

Blocks lymphocyte proliferation by inhibiting mTOR and IL-2 signaling


Monoclonal antibodies specific for interleukin-2 receptor mechanism of action (CD-25 blocker):

Inhibits T cell proliferation by blocking IL-2 binding; may also opsonize and help eliminate activated IL-2R-expressing T cells


Soluble receptors (CTLA4-Ig) mechanism of action:

Inhibits T cell activation by blocking B7 costimulator binding to T cell CD28