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What percent of total vertebral column length does "true" intervertebral foramina height form C2-S1 equal?



What are the generic contents of the intervertebral Foramen?

Neural tissue, connective tissue, vascular tissue, lymphatic tissue


What is the name of the largest medullary feeder artery?

The artery of Adamkiewicz or the arteria radicalis manga anterior


What are the characteristics of the artery of Adamkiewicz?

It is a left side, anterior medullary feeder artery, located in the T9/T10 intervertebral Foramen, and the primary vascular supply to the lumbar enlargement


What is the most likely region of the thoracic spine for herniation?

Below T8


What ligaments lies next to the anterior internal vertebral venous plexus?

The posterior longitudinal ligament


What venous plexus lies next to the posterior longitudinal ligament?

The anterior internal vertebral venous plexus


What venous plexus lies next to the ligamentum flavum?

The posterior internal vertebral venous plexus


What will the intervertebral veins drain into?

The external vertebral venous plexus or Batson's plexus


What is a unique histological feature of the veins of the vertebral column?

They appear to lack veins


What size lymphatic vessels lie in the intervertebral Foramen?

Medium sized lymphatics


What is the relationship between aging and cervical spine nerve root characteristics?

The length of the nerve root increases as it descends for its apparent origin on the spinal cord, but the cross-sectional area of the nerve root decrease


What are the specific attachment sites for a vertical spinal nerve?

The sulcus for the ventral primary ramus on the costotransverse bar and the vertebral artery


What contributes to the anterior boundary of the thoracic intervertebral Foramen?

The costocentral joint


What increases the length of the intervertebral Foramen at L5?

The lumbosacral tunnel


What forms the lumbosacral tunnel?

The lumbosacral ligament, transverse process of L5 and sacral ala


What condition is the result of encroachment of the L5 spinal nerve?

The far out syndrome


What is unique about the relationship of spinal nerve to intervertebral Foramen at S5-Co1?

There are two nerves present, S5 nerve and Co1 nerve


What are some examples of destructive lesions of the vertebral body?

Tuberculosis, hemangiomas, osteoporosis


What are examples of acquired alterations of the spinal curves IDed in class?

Obesity, pregnancy and the use of heavy backpacks


What is the recommended weight is a backpack compared to individual with for the developing spine?

Backpack weight should not exceed 10% individual body weight


What are medullary feeder arteries?

Enlarged radicular arteries which join the arterial vasa corona to provide blood for the spinal cord


Which condition is the result of encroachment on the L5 spinal nerve?

The far out syndrome


What is the relationship between intervertebral disc herniation and lumbar spinal nerves?

The intervertebral disc above. The intervertebral Foramen is usually the source of damage


What is unusual about the sacral intervertebral Foramen compared to others?

A completely osseous boundary exits


What may reduce the impact of IVD loss of integrity intervertebral Foramen in the cervical and thoracic spine?

The joint of Luschka in the cervicals, the costocentral joint in the thoracics


What are the examples of osteophyte formation that influence the intervertebral Foramen?

The bony Spurs of the vertebral body and para-articular processes on the lamina