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hypnosis is a social interaction in which one person (the hypnotist) suggests to another (the subject) that certain perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will …

spontaneously occur


hypnosis is a … social action in which one person is in a state of being likely to respond to … from another person. this state has been called … as well as a …

cooperative; suggestions; heightened suggestibility; trance


types of hypnotic suggestions--the subject may be led into changes in: …, …, …, …, …

perceptions; behavior; emotions; attitudes; memory


hypnotic induction, the inducing of a hypnotic state, is the process by which a hypnotist leads someone into the state of ..

heightened suggestibility


how do some people get so hypnotized that they can have no reaction to ammonia under their noses?
these people seem to be more easily absorbed in … activities. they are able to focus and lose themselves in … the hypnotic induction method may happen to work just right.

imaginative; fantasy


benefits of hypnosis for some people:
blocking awareness of …, even enough for surgery without anesthesia
reducing ..,. …, and …
improving … and ..

pain; obesity; anxiety; hypertension; concentration; performance


what hypnosis cannot do:
work when people refuse to ..
bestow … abilities or strength
accurately boost recall of … (it is more likely to implant ...)

cooperate; superhuman; forgotten events; false recall


divided consciousness theory: hypnosis is a special state of … (divided) … of our dual-track mind

dissociated consciousness


social influence theory: hypnotic subjects may simply be imaginative people who go along with the … role they have agreed to play