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what are 4 ways the Law of Laplace applies

- A blood vessel w/ and aneurysm has greater wall tension
- w/ greater ventricular filling during diastole, there is greater tension in the wall at end diastole
- in ARDS, smaller alveoli empty into Larger alveoli
- in healthy individuals, atelectasis does;t occur


name 3 ways Poiseuille's law applies?

- For IV administration flow is increased by
*increasing diameter
*decreasing length
*raising the IV bag
- the polycythemic pt has decreased flow through tissues
- the anemic pt has increased flow through tissues


name 5 ways the Venturi effect (bernoulli's principle) applies

- Nebulizer
- Venturi mask
- jet ventilator
- Injector
- anterior leaflet w/ IHSS


name 2 ways henry's law applies

- permits calculation of the amount of O2 dissolved in blood
- permits calculation of the amount of CO2 dissolved in the blood


name 2 ways boyles law applies

-explains the release into the atmosphere of a large amount of gas from a compressed cylinder
- squeezing an ambu bag raises the pressure and decreases the volume


name 1 way charles law applies

the inflatable cuff of an ET tube or LMA expands during sterilization


name 4 ways Guy-Lussacs law applies

- when temp of a closed cylinder increases, pressure increases
- when the temp of a closed cylinder decreases, cylinder pressure decreases
- as a cylinder containing Liquid N2O empties, temp decreases (joule-thompson effect); as the temp decreases, the pressure inside the tank decreases
- wood's metal blows when the temp increases substantially


name 1 way the ideal gas law applies

as a cylinder of compressed gas empties, the pressure in the cylinder falls


Name 2 ways daltons law applies?

- permits calculation of the % concentration of a gas by dividing the PP of the gas by the total pressure
- Permits calculation of PP of a gas by multiplying the % concentration by the concentration by total pressure


name 2 ways the joule-thompson effect applies

-as a cylinder of compressed gas empties, the cylinder cools; condensation and ice crystals may be seen
- the cryoprobe operates on this basis
(think of the ice cream place)


Name 4 ways Fick's law of diffusion is applied

- concentration effect
- 2nd gas effect
- diffusion hypoxia
- expansion of gas into gas spaces of the body when N2O is turned on


name 2 ways Beer-lambert law applies

- pulse ox
- ETCO2 detection


what law is used to calculate SVR or resistance of flow through a tube

Ohm's law


what principle states that pulse pressure increases as the blood pressure wave travels to the periphery?

superimposition principle


what principle states that a change in any of the factors determining equilibrium causes the system to adjust to reduce or counteract effects of the change

leChateliers principle


what law states the distance from the source determines that amount of exposure of the anesthetist to x-rays? the intensity of the scattered x-ray radiation is inversely proportional to the square root of the distance from the source.

inverse square law

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