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what is an open system

No mask on the face
no dead space
Anesthetic by insufflation
room air inhaled and anesthetic diluted
NO rebreathing and NO reservoir bag
NO valves
Not used much today


What is a semi-open system?

Mask on face
breath spot inhalation gasses and room air
CO2 accumulates under mask
Reservoir bag
No rebreathing
Room pollution
High gas flows


What is a semi closed system

mask on face
No room air inspired
Expired gas exits through scavenging system
Very common
Unidirectional valves
Conserves moister and heat
Pop off valves
Currogated tubes


What is a closed system

Mask on
agents contained in the system and not vented
maintains humidaifaction
Rebreathing gases
Unidirectional valves


what type of maples can be used to ventilate an panic pt?

All 6
A, B, C , D , E, F (and brain modified D)

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