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What percentage of infants formed a primary caregiver attatchment to the father?



What did Grossman propose about the role of the father?

- Quality of the attachment with the mother is more important than the quality of the attatchment with the father.
- Fathers are less important in the long term.


What role did Bowlby propose fathers take?

Role as a playmate. infants are more likely to go to the father for play and the mother for emotional support.


Give a disadvantage to studies into the role of the father.

- Lamb suggested that fathers who become the primary caregiver are able to adapt to become more sensitive and caring.
- McCallum and Golombok suggested that children from homosexual couples do not develop differently - suggesting it is quality of the attachment that matters not the gender.
- Major social/economic implications - Mothers will typically stay at home with the child and the father goes to work - forcing parents to adopt particular lifestyles.