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What is Normative Social Influence?

Conforming to fit in or to be liked.


What is informational social influence.

Conforming to a group's norms as they are more knowledgeable than you.


What is Compliance?

A short term change in public behaviour but not private beliefs.


What is Identification?

A person changes their public and private beliefs whilst in the presence of the group.


What is Internalisation?

A person permanently changes their public and private beliefs/behaviour. E.g. changing faith.


Give supporting evidence for informational social influence.

- Lucas et al - Conformity was greater for difficult maths questions amongst those who rated their maths skills badly.


Give supporting evidence for normative social influence.

- Asch - When answering confidently conformity rates dropped for 37% to 12% - as the pps felt self-conscious when giving out a different answer in the presence of the group.


Give a limitation to Normative and informational social influence.

- NSI and ISI are not completely exclusive - Deutsch and Gerrard - 'two proccess model' - NSI and ISI complement each other.

- NSI is dispositional - McGhee and Teevan - students with a strong need for affiliaton are more likely to conform.