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List the three types of LTM.

1). Semantic
2). Episodic
3). Procedural.


Define procedural memories.

Memories of learned skills. E.g. Swimming.


Define Episodic memories.

Memories with a personal meaning. E.g. memory of a wedding.


Give an advantage of the types of LTM.

✔ Petersen et al - neurological explaination - epiodic and semantic come from different sections of the prefrontal cortex.

✔ Belleville at al - mild cognitive impairments affect episodic memories - practical use when developing treatments.

✔ Cohen and Squire - distinction between declarative (episodic/semantic) and non-declarative (procedural). The latter are subconsciously recalled.

✔ Support from HM and Clive wearing - strong recall for semantic and procedural - poor for episodic - support for different types of LTM.