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Who is thought to have started Psychology as a separate subject in 1879?

Wilhelm Wundt opened the first psychology lab in Germany.


Who idolised the Psychodynamic Approach?

Sigmund Freud emphasised the influence of the unconscious mind on behaviour thus creating the Psychodynamic approach.


John Watson is known for researching which psychological approach?

John Watson is known for writing 'Psychology as a behaviourist views it'. Together with Skinner, they create the behaviourist approach.


Who created the Humanistic approach?

Carl Rogers is noted to have been the creator of the humanistic approach; along with Abraham Maslow.


True or false? Pavlov is recognised as the advocate of social learning theory?

False. Albert Bandura proposed the social learning theory. Whereas, Pavlov is noted as the advocate of the biological approach.


What psychological approach is Pavlov credited with?

Pavlov is credited with developing the biological approach.