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__________ means setting the limits or boundaries for expected performance and enforcing them.



There are two types of authority, __________.

centralized and decentralized


company officer is the leader of a formal group by the authority vested in the position by the department; however, the company officer's position in any informal group and ability to deal with the informal 'group are determined by _

group dynamics


Every group, including the fire company, tends to meet the five essential elements of a group. The members of the group must: have a common binding interest, have a vital group image, have a sense of continuity, have a shared set of values and _

have different roles within the group


According to Mazlow's theory, when, by a person's own definition, their basic physiological needs have been satisfied, then can then afford to be concerned about the next higher level of needs ------

safety and security


People who have difficulty expressing their positive feelings may, under some circumstances, do something that they know will get them into trouble - just to be acknowledged. They would rather be-----

punished than ignored


___________ leadership is characterized by a low concern for production and a low concern for people.



Perhaps the oldest a most basic leadership style,_________ leadership invests all power and authority in the leader.



______ is based on the following four elements; customer identification and feedback, tracking performance, constant and continuous improvement and employee participation.

Total Quality Management


_______ can be delegated but responsibility cannot, so company officers are still responsible for the results.



The supervisory skills that are absolutely necessary for any company officer are the following; motivation, delegation, decision making, communication, training, resource and time management, coaching and _



While there are many decision-making models described in the literature of supervision/management, most use the following elements: Define the problem, identify alternative solutions, evaluate the alternatives, choose and implement the most promising alternative and

monitor the results and adjust if necessary


A _______ training system is one in which clearly defined and measurable performance standards have been developed for all the various individual skills and company evolutions deemed necessary for the department to be able to fulfill its mission.



_________ is the general term for what is most commonly referred to as "negotiations" or, in some cases, "the meet and confer" process.

Collective bargaining


Fire apparatus and equipment, fire hose, fire stations and training facilities are typical ____________items.



In general there are five steps in the budget process, _

Planning, preparation, internal review, external review and implementation


Some of the more noticeable signs that indicate that stress may be building to dangerous levels are general irritability, emotional instability, inability to concentrate, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite and _

Alcohol and drug use


An important thing that company officers can do is talk with their crews about the trauma of the emergency. This informal discussion, sometimes called ___________, is usually all that is necessary after most emergency calls.



__________ are an individual's attributes or personal characteristics that cause the individual to be involved in more or fewer accidents than other individuals.

Human factors


For any given situation, the proper distance between the objective and the aerial apparatus isthe distance that affords __________,the best climbing angle, and allows for adequate extension.

maximum stability


If the building is greater than _________, the aerial apparatus should be positioned inside the pumpers.

5 stories


When possible, aerial apparatus used for rescue should be placed __________.

at the comer of the building


When rotating the aerial device an angle ____________ the apparatus is the least stable position available.

perpendicular to


In situations that require using aerial apparatus for rescue, the main objective is to reach as many victims or points of egress as possible with a minimum numbers of aerial movements. Victims should be removed in the following order of priority;

most severely threatened, largest numbers, remainder of fire area and people in exposed areas


The exact type of stream to use will be dependent on the conditions present at each fire. When possible, a ________ will allow for a maximum coverage of an exposure.

fog pattern


__________ is always the first tactical priority at any fire incident.

life safety


In hazardous materials responses, always stop well short of the incident scene until the nature of the hazard is understood. Apparatus should not be stopped _________

over manhole covers


Water has low levels of _________ that allow radiant heat to easily pass through it.

reflectivity and opacity


_________ are large pipes, with relatively widespread spacing, that convey large quantities of water to various points of the system.

Primary feeders


The mixture of foam concentrate and water before the introduction of air is ___________

foam solution


_________refers to the increase in volume of a foam solution when it is aerated.

Foam expansion


________ means "the organization delegates official authority and trusts its members withthe power to provide customer service to the level of their abilities and imagination."



The ________ level directs activities toward specific objectives.



The ______ represents the major reason for establishing sectors.

safety of firefighting personnel


The Fire Department's involvement and needs at the incident scene can be divided into four sections. They are logistics, planning, operations and __________.



__________ is defined as a forward staging position located just outside the immediate hazard zone, safely distanced from the entrance of a tactical position or sector. Crews will remain in this position until assigned by the IC or the sector officer.

On deck


________ is defined as a timely and efficient means of air replacement and re-hydration of companies while maintaining their sector assignments.



When operating at a high-rise building, lobby sector will utilize passports to track all crews and crewmembers in the building. Crews will leave their passports with fire personnel _____ iflobby has not been established.

in the fire control room


A _________ sector is used to control access to a building or area during fires, hazardous materials incidents, rescue operations or any other situation where it is necessary to control and maintain accountability for the entry and exit of personnel.



_________ reduce the amount of detail and orders required to get companies into action on the fireground.

Standard company operations


_________ is a conscious process involving the very rapid but deliberate considerations of the critical factors and the development of a strategy and rational plan of attack based on those conditions.



Command must consider all ________sides of the fire. Not doing so results in fire extension.



The most urgent reason for calling additional alarms is for the purpose of covering ___________

life safety


After _________ minutes of interior operations heavy fire conditions still exist, Command should initiate a careful evaluation of structural conditions, and should be fully prepared to withdraw interior crews and change to a defensive strategy.



Upon receipt of the emergency traffic evacuation order, company officers shall assemble their crews and promptly exit to a safe location, where the company officer will report ___________.

a par for all crew members


When positioning ladder pipes to protect adjacent exposures (common walls) duringdefensive operations, the ladders turntable should be lined up with ___________, to permit the most effective operation.

the wall to be protected


When dealing with a hazardous materials incident the primary objective is to ________ before formulating a plan of action.

identify the type of material involved


When spotting the apparatus at a trench cave-in, the first-in company should spot theapparatus at least ________ feet away from the location of the trench failure.



Apparatus___________should regulate placement on the fireground.



Lines should be laid with attention to the ___________ problems they present. Try to lay lines on the same side of the street as the hydrant and cross over near the fire.



Every member of the Phoenix Fire Department is expected to operate in a highly self disciplined manner and is responsible to regulate hislher own conduct in a positive manner, productive and ________ way. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action ranging from counseling to dismissal.



It is the policy of the Fire Department that supervisors administer discipline in a corrective, progressive, and lawful manner. Lawful in that the discipline and the procedure by which it is administered does not violate City Personnel Rules or Administrative Regulations, Departmental Rules of Conduct, the MOU between the City and the Union, Departmental Standard Operating Procedures, or the _

members constitutional rights


After an incident or complaint has been thoroughly investigated and the need for disciplinary action determined, the supervisor must make a decision concerning the action that would be most effective. Factors to be considered in making this decision are the seriousness of theoffense, the member's past history with the Department, and the _____ of the Phoenix fire department in dealing with similar offenses.

past practice


A Complaint Record Form will be initiated and the complaint assigned to the appropriate Division/Section for investigation. All complaints alleging serious administrative or criminal misconduct will be assigned to the _

Performance Auditing Section


A member with 5 years 1 month to 10 years of service on the Department may carry over_____ hours of vacation on January 1st of each year.



A member who determines he/she is too ill to work shall make notification to SDC no later than hours on the day the sick leave is to begin.



After an industrial injury, all required industrial forms shall be completed and forwarded to the Fire Department Health Center within _______ calendar days.



Employee differences and disputes frequently arise in an emotionally charged atmosphere. In ________, a neutral third party helps the disputants focus on the issues and possible solutions in a setting away from the background and personal circumstances that may have triggered the dispute.



When a supervisor has determined that documentation should be placed in a member's personnel file, the supervisor may use one of several methods of documenting the incident or occurrence. The length of time the document is to remain a part of the member's file will be determined by the supervisor, and a date for petition indicated on the document. In most cases, the minimum length of time before a document can be petitioned for review is ___________.

1 year


Regular physical fitness activities are very important to the total well-being of the firefighters. Participating in them not only helps to reduce injuries; it also increases strengthand stamina, keeps our minds alert, releases various forms of _________ and can be a key factor in the building of friendship and closeness within the crew.

personal stress


_________ roofs are 4' x 8' panels comprised of foam or built up roofing (5 or 6 inches)laid over heavy panelized roofs or bar type trusses. Cutting of these panels is best done with a chain saw due to the thickness of the panels.



A _______ is an inside strengthening column in a masonry or concrete building usually supporting a roof member.



Unreinforced masonry can usually be identified by a----- , usually every six courses, used to hold the bricks together structurally.

kings row


In the early 1980's oriented strand board became readily available. With that came____ which is a wood I beam used in floor a roof systems. They are composed of laminate top and bottoms cords usually 2" x 2" with a center webbing of OSB.

truss Joist I beams


A ________ is attached to the outside of a building and not generally fire stopped. It is basically a horizontal chimney. Any fire has the potential for rapid spread in buildings with this feature.

false mansard


__________ are diamond-shaped signs (10 3/4 inches on each side) that generally must be affixed on each side and each end of vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

DOT Placards


Pressure cargo tanks or an ________ transport gasses that have been liquefied through compression and the contents must remain under pressure to maintain the liquid state. To withstand this internal pressure, pressure cargo tanks have rounded heads.



A highlighted entry in the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook chemical list sections indicates that there is additional information in the _______-bordered pages in the back of the book. These pages describe protective actions that should be taken immediately.



_________is a measure of the ability to evaporate, that is, to change from a liquid to a gas. It is often measured in millimeters of mercury.

Vapor Pressure


_______ means a position or group of positions, either permanent or part-time,sufficiently similar in respect to their duties and responsibilities that the same requirements as to education, experience, knowledge, ability, and other qualifications are required of the occupants.



While an employee is on probation, time taken on paid vacation, sick leave, light duty status, or while drawing compensation from the Arizona Industrial Commission, not in excess of _____ ,'shall be allowed the probationer as creditable time served. If the period of time exceeds the allowable amount, the entire period of absence from normal duties shall be added to the probationary period.

30 calendar days


A performance rating is required for all probationary employees at ________ from the date the probationary employee starts work in that class as a probationary employee.

3 months, 6 months, and 11 months


Any employee who has been certified and appointed to a regular, full-time position with the City and who resigns from such position may apply for reinstatement within _ after the date of resignation.

2 years


The City is required by the Records Retention Policy to maintain electronic mail for____ . Employees must not empty their electronic mail and must ensure that electronic systems are set appropriately to preserve the messages for the required amount of time.

1 month


Any employee who believes he/she has been subjected to protected category harassment should report the harassment to the immediate supervisor, department management, _____ or to the Equal Opportunity Department's Compliance and Enforcement Division. Complaints must be filed within 180 days of the alleged act( s) of harassment.

department personnel officer


PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT LETTER #96An employee receiving a rating of "2" (needs improvement) or "1" (unacceptable) for theevaluation of his/her driving record will have a goal of _____ points set for the next 12 months.



PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT LETTER #96Should an employee fail to notify his/her supervisor of a change in driver's license status or of any ARS citation concerning DUIIDWI by the beginning of the next scheduled work shift or return to active work status from leave status a minimum _________ will be given even if the license is presently valid or reinstated.

five day suspension


________ is a written allegation, submitted as herein specified, claiming violation(s) of the specific express terms of this Memorandum for which there is no Civil Service or other specified method of review provided by State or City law.

A grievance


Employees assigned by the Fire Chief to staff assignments in authorized staff positions (40 hours) will be entitled to ______ percent assignment pay if such assignment is to exceed two consecutive pay periods, and shall continue to receive such assignment pay for the duration of such assignment.



Employees who agree to participate in the Fire Department's health centers consultation and rehabilitation programs shall continue to receive 100 percent of their current rate of pay while off-duty due to an industrial injury based on current practice which is a maximum of one year per injury, thereafter the rate becomes ___________.

66 and ⅔ percent.