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FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ leaders tell subordinates what to do and how to do it with little or no input from them.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe __________ leader includes employees in the decision-making process and allows them to work with the least amount of supervision necessary.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe leader who believes the average worker is inherently lazy, dislikes work and will avoid it whenever possible describes a __________ leader.

theory x


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe leader who believes the average worker does not inherently dislike work describes a ___________________ leader.

theory y


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe basic principle behind _________________ management is that involved workers are the key to increased productivity.

theory z


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ leadership focuses on value-driven leadership and proactively living one’s own life versus enduring a reactive life, always feeling controlled by another’s actions.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe __________ leader is concerned with getting work accomplished while considering the welfare and happiness of members of the unit.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERAccording to psychologists John French and Bertram Raven, there are five types of power: Reward power, coercive power, identification power, expert power and __________.

legitimate power


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThere are six process steps in the decision-making process they are to classify the problem, define the problem, list alternative options, determine the best response, convert the decision into an action, and __________.

test the action against the desired outcome


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERA __________ is a civil wrong or injury. The main purpose of this action is to seek payment for property damaged or destroyed, personal injuries or lost income.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ occurs when an individual has the knowledge, ability, and legal authority to act but performs the act incorrectly.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIf conduct or performance falls below a __________, then the responsible persons and/or organizations may be held liable for injuries and damages that resulted from such conduct.

reasonable standard of care


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERBecause of the atypical work schedules of police and firefighters, Congress passed an exemption to the 40-hour rule for local public safety agencies. The FLSA work-week was set at 43 hours for police and __________ hours for firefighters.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe message is the content of the speech, idea, or information that the sender wants the audience to hear. The __________ is the path the message takes between the sender and the receiver.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERA _____________ is a guide to decision making within an organization.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERWhile a policy is a guide for decision-making, a __________is a detailed plan of action – a written communication that is similar and closely related to a policy.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIn general, two types of budgets are used by public organizations: __________.

capital budgets and operating budgets


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERFire apparatus and vehicles, equipment, and facilities are typical __________ items for fire and emergency service organizations.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe largest single item in the operating budget of most career fire departments is __________.

personnel costs


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe six steps involved in the budget process are __________.

planning, preparation, internal review, external review, and implementation


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe term used to describe the common organizational structure in the fire service is __________, which is defined as having an uninterrupted series of steps or a chain of authority.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIt is not uncommon today for company officers to also report to a staff officer when the company is engaged in some specialized activity that is under the authority of that particular staff officer. This is sometimes called __________.

functional supervision


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERAuthority refers to the legal ability of an individual to make and implement decisions for which the individual is held accountable: there are two types of authority, __________.

centralized and decentralized


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ authority allows the decisions to be made at a lower level, with the effects of the decisions reported through the structure.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERAlthough each member of the reports to one supervisor directly, every member is still responsible to the fire chief indirectly through the __________.

chain of command


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER There is no absolute rule for determining how many subordinates that one person effectively can supervise; the number varies with the situation but is usually considered to be somewhere between __________.

three and seven


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe __________ concept - breaking large jobs down into smaller tasks that are assigned to specific individuals - is necessary in the fire service for several reasons: to assign responsibility, to prevent duplication of efforts and to make specific, clear-cut assignments.

division of labor


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERAlthough there are numerous teaching models used for instructional delivery, one of the most effective and the one provided in the IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor manual is the four step method of instruction. The method includes the following four steps, preparation, presentation, application, and __________.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIn the four step method of instruction, the __________ step is the most important because this is where most of the learning takes place.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ requirements describe the level of performance that is required to perform a specific job and are grouped into duties as established by the NFPA.

Job performance


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe main purpose of discipline is to __________.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERWithin a fire company, discipline is designed to: educate and train, correct inappropriate behavior, provide positive motivation, ensure compliance with rules and __________.

provide direction


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERProgressive discipline involves three levels, preventive action, corrective action and __________.

punitive action


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ involves hiring a third, neutral party who talks with each side and discovers the real issues and concerns that are stalling negotiations. The results, however, are not binding on either party.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERWhile there are many ways to enhance an organization’s public image, the means most often used by fire and emergency service organizations is __________.

public fire and life safety education


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe five step planning process provides a systematic planning and action process; it is composed of the following steps: identify, select, __________, implement and evaluate.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICEROne of the first skills required of the company officer when dealing with irate citizens is __________.

effective listening


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERMaintenance records are usually kept in two distinct but closely related categories, __________ maintenance.

preventive and corrective


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ construction, also called fire resistive construction in some codes, consists of structural members, including walls, columns, beams, floors and roofs that are made of non-combustible or limited combustible materials.

Type I


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ construction, commonly referred to as ordinary construction, consists of exterior walls and structural members that are of non-combustible or limited combustible materials.

Type III


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERConventional construction consisting of assemblies made of lumber has been replaced with what is called __________ construction. In this type of construction, plywood panels are supported by purlins between laminated wooden beams or gusseted wooden trusses that span from outside wall to outside wall.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ are conducted to provide emergency response personnel with information about the occupancy that they will need should a fire or other emergency develop on the premises.

pre-incident surveys


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe pre-incident survey of any given occupancy should gather the following water supply information, available fire flow, location of supply, reliability of supply, __________, locations of water system interconnections, water supply system pressure, and water supply utilization methods.

required fire flow


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICEROnce dispatched to an incident, the term __________ should be used to acknowledge emergency response but should not be used for routine or non-emergency movements.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThere are five Cs of communication that every fire officer should practice when using the radio are conciseness, clarity, confidence, control, and ______________.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICEREstablishing three operating control zones commonly labeled __________ is the most common and effective way to control the perimeter.

hot, warm and cold


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIt is a generally accepted business principal that the management process includes four functions: __________, organizing, leading, and controlling.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERA company officer is the leader of a formal group by the authority vested in the position by the department; however, the company officer’s position in any informal group and ability to deal with the informal group are determined by __________.

group dynamics


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICEREvery group, including the fire company, tends to meet the five essential elements of a group. The members of the group must: have a common binding interest, have a vital group image, have a sense of continuity, have a shared set of values and __________.

have different roles within the group


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERThe company officer must strive to become the informal leader as well as the appointed leader by __________ subordinates.

earning the respect of


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIn general, unless __________, fire and emergency responders cannot enter private property without being invited in by the owner or occupant.

an emergency is in progress on the property


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERWhile private citizens have the right to ignore hazardous conditions they may see, on-duty company officers have no such right. In fact, all emergency responders have a __________ when confronted by a hazardous condition.

duty to act


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIn terms of fire and life safety inspections, buildings are classified according to their intended use. There are nine occupancy classifications, assembly, educational, institutional, utility, residential, mercantile, industrial, storage, and __________.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ standpipe systems are intended to be used by building occupants who have no specialized fire training to control the spread of the fire until the arrival of the fire department or fire brigade.

class 2


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ standpipe systems combine the features of the other classes and are intended to be used by firefighters, brigade members and untrained occupants.

class 3


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERIn __________ systems, conventional sprinklers are used in combination with heat-sensing devices. When a fire starts, the heat sensing devices allow water to enter the distribution piping and be discharged through those sprinklers that have fused due to the heat of the fire.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICEROne of the most important aspects of fire investigation is awareness by company officers and unit members of the importance of __________.

preserving evidence


FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICERWhen wood or other cellulose material is more or less continuously subjected to a low level of heat over a long period, the material can be converted to pyrophoric carbon through __________. As this conversion takes place, the ignition temperature of the material is gradually lowered until autoignition occurs.



FIRE DEPARTMENT COMPANY OFFICER__________ fires are caused by the same combination of a competent ignition source and an ignitable material that causes accidental and natural fires, but the most obvious difference between these types of fires is that this type is started intentionally and with malicious intent.