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Company Officer__________ leaders tell subordinates what to do and how to do it with little or no input from them.



Company OfficerThe leader who believes the average worker does not inherently dislike work describes a __________ leader.

theory Y


Company Officer__________ leadership focuses on value-driven leadership and proactively living one’s own life versus enduring a reactive life, always feeling controlled by another’s actions



Company OfficerThe __________ leader is concerned with getting work accomplished while considering the welfare and happiness of members of the unit.



Company OfficerAccording to psychologists John French and Bertram Raven, there are five types of power: Reward power, coercive power, identification power, expert power and __________.

legitimate power


Company OfficerThere are six process steps in the decision-making process they are to classify the problem, define the problem, list alternative options, determine the best response, convert the decision into an action, and __________.

test the action against the desired outcome


Company Officer__________ occurs when an individual has the knowledge, ability, and legal authority to act but performs the act incorrectly.



Company OfficerWhile a policy is a guide for decision-making, a __________ is a detailed plan of action – a written communication that is similar and closely related to a policy.



Company OfficerIn general, two types of budgets are used by public organizations: __________.

capital budgets and operating budgets


Company OfficerFire apparatus, equipment, and facilities are typical __________ items for fire and emergency service organizations.



Company OfficerThe six steps involved in the budget process are __________.

planning, preparing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and revising


Company OfficerAuthority refers to the legal ability of an individual to make and implement decisions for which the individual is held accountable: there are two types of authority, __________.

centralized and decentralized


Company OfficerAlthough each member of the reports to one supervisor directly, every member is still responsible to the fire chief indirectly through the __________.

chain of command


Company OfficerThere is no absolute rule for determining how many subordinates that one person effectively can supervise; the number varies with the situation but is usually considered to be somewhere between __________.

three and seven


Company OfficerThe __________ concept - breaking large jobs down into smaller tasks that are assigned to specific individuals - is necessary in the fire service for several reasons: to assign responsibility, to prevent duplication of efforts and to make specific, clear-cut assignments.

division of labor


Company Officer__________ requirements describe the level of performance that is required to perform a specific job and are grouped into duties as established by the NFPA.

Job performance


Company OfficerThe main purpose of discipline is to __________.



Company OfficerWithin a fire company, discipline is designed to: educate and train, correct inappropriate behavior, provide positive motivation, ensure compliance with rules and __________.

provide direction


Company OfficerProgressive discipline involves three levels, preventive action, corrective action and __________.

punitive action


Company OfficerA company officer is the leader of a formal group by the authority vested in the position by the department; however, the company officer’s position in any informal group and ability to deal with the informal group are determined by __________.

group dynamics


Company OfficerEvery group, including the fire company, tends to meet the five essential elements of a group. The members of the group must: have a common binding interest, have a vital group image, have a sense of continuity, have a shared set of values and __________.

have different roles within the group


Company OfficerThe company officer must strive to become the informal leader as well as the appointed leader by __________ subordinates.

earning the respect of


Pumping ApparatusApparatus should be parked far enough away so that they are not in the collapse zone should one occur. The collapse zone should be at least __________.

one and one half times the height of the building


Pumping ApparatusThe fire service definition of __________ is that part of the total pressure lost while forcing water through pipe, fittings, fire hose and adaptors.

friction loss


Pumping ApparatusSuddenly stopping water moving through a hose or pipe results in an energy surge being transmitted in the opposite direction, often at many times the original pressure. This surge is referred to as __________.

water hammer


Pumping ApparatusThere are three methods of moving water in a water system, they are: __________

direct pumping, gravity and combination systems


Pumping Apparatus__________ refers to the increase in volume of a foam solution when it is aerated.

Foam expansion


Pumping ApparatusThe techniques for applying foam to a liquid fuel fire or spill include the roll-on method, __________ and the rain-down method.

bank-down method


Aerial Apparatus If possible, the driver operator should position aerial apparatus used for rescue _________.

at the corner of the building


Aerial ApparatusModerate to high winds impose a _________ load on the aerial device and may reduce overall stability.



Aerial ApparatusWhen operating an aerial device near electrical lines the goal is to maintain a distance of at least _________ feet between the aerial devise and overhead electric lines.



Aerial ApparatusWhen raising the aerial device, an angle _________ the apparatus is the least stable position.

45 degrees off the front or the rear of


Aerial ApparatusThe presence of reinforcement stars are an indication that the building __________.

is unstable


Aerial ApparatusIn situations that require using aerial apparatus for rescue, the main objective is to reach as many victims or points of egress as possible with a minimum numbers of aerial movements. Victims should be removed in the following order of priority;

most severely threatened, largest numbers, remainder of fire area and people in exposed areas


V2__________ define standard activities that are performed by the Incident Commander to achieve the tactical objectives.

Functions of command


The __________ level of the organization is where the work is performed by assigned companies and other resources.



Utilizing sectors decreases the IC’s _________.

span of control


When establishing a sector, the IC will assign each sector officer tactical objectives, __________ and the identity of resources assigned to the sector.

a radio designation


The Fire Department’s involvement and needs at the incident scene can be divided into four sections. They are logistics, planning, operations and ___________.



__________ is defined as a timely and efficient means of air replacement and re-hydration of companies while maintaining their sector assignments.



When operating at a high-rise building, lobby sector will utilize passports to track all crews and crewmembers in the building. Crews will leave their passports with fire personnel _________ if lobby has not been established.

in the fire control room


RIC/Rescue Sector responsibilities include developing and communicating an incident action plan. Of the following, the one that is not part of that plan.

Consider the water supply


__________ reduce the amount of detail and orders required to get companies into action on the fireground.

Standard company operations


_________ is a conscious process involving the very rapid but deliberate considerations of the critical factors and the development of a strategy and rational plan of attack based on those conditions.



Command must consider all __________ sides of the fire. Not doing so results in fire extension.



The first priority in defensive operations is personnel safety the second is _________.

exposure protection


The most urgent reason for calling additional alarms is for the purpose of covering _________.

life safety


Of the following, the one that is not a part of the basic offensive plan.

Write-off lost property


After __________ minutes of interior operations heavy fire conditions still exist, Command should initiate a careful evaluation of structural conditions, and should be fully prepared to withdraw interior crews and resort to a defensive position.

10 - 15


Upon receipt of the emergency traffic evacuation order, company officers shall assemble their crews and promptly exit to a safe location, where the company officer will report __________.

a par for all crew members


The initial roof sector officer must report to command all of the following conditions except:

distance to the most severe exposure


When utilizing crews with handlines to enter basement fires, crews should not open nozzles until they can see and/or are near the fire. Crews should not use __________ when operating in basement fires.

fog streams


A reasonable guideline for extrication sector is an initial commitment of one company per __________ victims for extending initial and immediate care when numerous patients are involved in a major incident.



Of all the sectors, the treatment sector typically requires the heaviest commitment of personnel. During major incidents, on company per __________ patients should be the initial objective.



When dealing with a hazardous materials incident the primary objective is to __________ before formulating a plan of action.

identify the type of material involved


Effective use of __________ procedures will prevent excess apparatus congestion at the scene and allow time for Command to evaluate conditions prior to assigning companies.



Apparatus ___________ should regulate placement on the fireground.



Apparatus should generally be positioned at least ___________ feet away from involved buildings, even with nothing showing.



Lines should be laid with attention to the __________ they present. Try to lay lines on the same side of the street as the hydrant and cross over near the fire.



When the first unit reports on the scene with “nothing showing” or an equivalent report, any additional units shall continue ___________.

Code 3 but shall not exceed the posted speed limit


V1It is the policy of the Fire Department that supervisors administer discipline in a corrective, progressive, and lawful manner. Lawful in that the discipline and the procedure by which it is administered does not violate City Personnel Rules or Administrative Regulations, Departmental Rules of Conduct, the MOU between the City and the Union, Departmental Standard Operating Procedures, or the __________.

member’s constitutional rights


In most cases minor job performance problems can be resolved by the supervisor bringing the problem to the attention of the employee, and the employee making the proper modification in his/her performance. When a serious job performance problem is identified, the supervisor must decide whether to solve it through training, __________, non-disciplinary counseling, or disciplinary action

employee assistance services


After an incident or complaint has been thoroughly investigated and the need for disciplinary action determined, a decision concerning the action that would be most effective must be made. Factors to be considered in making this decision are the seriousness of the offense, the member's past history with the Department, and the __________ of the Phoenix Fire Department in dealing with similar offenses.

past practice


After considering all available information, the officer investigating a citizen’s complaint will make one of the following findings: exonerated, unfounded, not sustained or sustained. A finding of exonerated means __________.

the act occurred but was justified, lawful and proper


When an employee is remanded to EAP for care, he/she will be required to sign a release of information during their consultation with their supervisor. This release specifies that the provider release to the Department and the supervisor confirmation that the employee is attending counseling sessions, ___________, reports of drug screens (when required), status of cooperation and motivation by the employee, and the date the services were completed.

the progress on a treatment plan


Employee differences and disputes frequently arise in an emotionally charged atmosphere. In __________, a neutral third party helps the disputants focus on the issues and possible solutions in a setting away from the background and personal circumstances that may have triggered the dispute.



Within the Labor - Management team, the Fire Chief and the Local 493 President chair the ___________ and are committed to requiring compliance with agreements made through the process and participation in the process.

Correlating Team


Regular physical fitness activities are very important to the total well-being of the firefighters. Participating in them not only helps to reduce injuries; it also increases strength and stamina, keeps our minds alert, releases various forms of __________ and can be a key factor in the building of friendship and closeness within the crew.

personal stress


Ladder CompanyIn the early 1980’s oriented strand board became readily available. With that came _________ which is a wood I beam used in floor a roof systems. They are composed of laminate top and bottoms cords usually 2” x 2” with a center webbing of OSB.

truss joist I beams


A __________ is attached to the outside of a building and not generally fire stopped. It is basically a horizontal chimney. Any fire has the potential for rapid spread in buildings with this feature.

false mansard


A __________ is an inside strengthening column in a masonry or concrete building usually supporting a roof member.



If the fire is contained to the attic and the interior of the structure is clear, maximum conversion in the attic space can be accomplished by keeping the attic intact and using ___________.

a penetrating nozzle or 1 ½ inch nozzle into the ceiling


Metal clad buildings are of lightweight construction and fail early in a fire. Metal clad buildings should not be __________.

vertically ventilated


Buildings with __________ roofs are old, often 50 years or older. Trusses of heavy timber are bolted together and spaced in excess of 15-25 feet apart. Failure of one truss can collapse a substantial portion of the roof.



The LTI / American LaFrance Platform Mid-mount ladders have a load limit of __________ persons with equipment in the platform during water tower operations.



Hazardous Materials__________ are diamond-shaped signs (10 3/4 inches on each side) that generally must be affixed on each side and each end of vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

DOT placards


The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates the use and labeling of agricultural chemicals and pesticides. A signal word must appear on the front of the label. The three signal words in order of toxicity (highest to lowest) are __________.

danger, warning and caution


__________ cargo tanks are specially designed to carry gasses that have been liquefied through temperature reduction. The liquid must remain extremely cold to maintain the liquid state. These tanks are heavily insulated giving them a bulky appearance.

Cryogenic liquid


__________ is a concept used to measure the weight of gasses in comparison to an equal volume of air.

Vapor density


A chemical with a pH of less than 7 is __________ and a chemical with a pH of greater than 7 is ___________.

acidic – alkaline


__________means the temporary separation of an employee from his/her position for disciplinary reasons.



Within the rules, the following equation shall be used when considering employees who are assigned to a 56-hour work schedule. 5 consecutive work days = __________ shifts.



A performance rating is required for all probationary employees at __________ from the date the probationary employee starts work in that class as a probationary employee.

3 months, 6 months, and 11 months


An employee who becomes ill while on a scheduled vacation may charge his sick leave bank ___________ or if the illness / injury was approved as an FMLA absence.

only if the illness required hospital confinement


There are two forms of sexual harassment. __________ occurs when a supervisor or other person in authority conditions the granting of an economic or other job benefit, such as a raise or advancement, upon the receipt of sexual favors from a subordinate, withholds such benefits, or punishes that subordinate for refusing sexual favors.

Quid pro quo


No supervisor, manager, executive, or coworker may _________ an employee who makes a report of sexual harassment or cooperates with an investigation. Doing so is considered unlawful and may result in discipline up to and including termination.

retaliate against


Any employee who believes he/she has been subjected to protected category harassment should report the harassment to the immediate supervisor, department management, __________ or to the Equal Opportunity Department’s Compliance and Enforcement Division. Complaints must be filed within 180 days of the alleged act(s) of harassment.

department Personnel Officer


The Union, as the authorized representative, has the exclusive right to serve as the ___________ representative of all employees in the Fire Fighter’s Unit as certified by the Phoenix Employment Relations Board on July 29, 1976.

meet and confer


The Union will be allowed up to ___________ hours to talk to and possibly sign new Firefighter recruits into the Union. This time will be allotted sometime during the last four weeks of the training of said recruits at the Training Academy.



__________ is a written allegation, submitted as herein specified, claiming violation(s) of the specific express terms of this Memorandum for which there is no Civil Service or other specified method of review provided by State or City law.

A grievance