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Articulation of the head of the humerus with the glenoid fossa of the scapula

Glenohumeral joint


2 prominent bursae

Subacromial bursa

Subscapular bursa


Separates the tendon of Supraspinatus from the deltoid muscle

Subacromial bursa


Separates the scapular fossa from the tendon of subscapularis muscle

Subscapular bursa


Contributes to the stability of the glenohumeral joint along with the tendon of the long head of biceps brachii muscle

Supraspinatus muscle - subscapularis nerve

Infraspinatus muscle - suprascapular nerve

Teres minor muscle - Axillary nerve

Subscapularis muscle - suprascapular nerve

Rotator cuff


Rotator cuff injury

MC: tendon of supraspinatus muscle & subscromial bursa

SSX: pain on lifting the arm above the head


Anterior or inferior dislocation of the humerus

MC type of shoulder dislocation

Humeral head lies anterior & inferior to the coracoids process of scapula --> may damage the axillary nerve or artery

SSX: loss of normal round contour of the shoulder, palpable depression under the acromion, ability to palpate the head of the humerus in the axilla


Articulation of the lateral end of clavicle with the acromion of the scapula

Stabilized by:
- coracoacromial ligament
- coracoclavicular ligament (coronoid & trapezoid)
- acromioclavicular ligament

Acromioclavicular joint


Shoulder separation

Cause: downward blow at the tip of the shoulder

Acromioclavicular subluxation


Ligament: no tear

Joint space: normal

Grade I subluxation (minor sprain)


Ligament: + tear acromioclavicular ligaments

Joint space: 50% wider

Grade II subluxation


Ligament: + tear in coracoclavicular & acromioclavicular ligaments

Joint space: 50% wider

SSX: injured arm is lower than the normal arm, bulge at the top of shoulder (upward displacement of clavicle)

Depressing and then releasing the lateral end of the clavicle causes a rebound ("piano key sign")

X-ray with 10lbs weight on the injured side: marked separation of acromion from the clavicle

Grade III subluxation


Fracture of the clavicle

MC: middle third of clavicle

Causes: upward displacement of proximal fragment as a result of pull of SCM muscle & downward displacement of distal fragment due to pull of deltoid muscle

Subclavian artery & vein are at risk for injury