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Exocrine & endocrine

Elongated accessory digestive gland;

lies retroperitoneally and transversely across the posterior abdominal wall



Expanded part;

is embraced by the C-shaped curve of the duodenum

Embryonic derivation: ventral & dorsal pancreatic bud

Location: lies in duodenal C loop

Head of pancreas


Short and overlies the superior mesenteric vessels

Embryonic derivation: dorsal pancreatic bud

Location: lies at the confluence of inferior vein & splenic vein

Neck of pancreas


To the left of SMA and SMV

Embryonic derivation: dorsal pancreatic bud

Body of pancreas


Closely related to the hilum of spleen and left colic flexure

Embryonic derivation: dorsal pancreatic bud

Location: related to the spleen

Tail of pancreas


Projection from the inferior part of head

extends medially to the left posterior to SMA

Embryonic derivation: Ventrally pancreatic bud

Uncinate process


Forms most of the head of the pancreas, including the uncinate process

Ventral pancreatic bud


Forms the remainder of the pancreas - head, body and tail

Dorsal pancreatic bud


A tumor involving the uncinate process of the pancreas will most likely compress what structure?

Superior mesenteric artery


Main pancreatic duct (Wirsung) begins in the tail of the pancreas and runs through the parenchyma to the head where it turns inferiorly and merges with the bile duct

Duct of pancreas


Blood supply of pancreas

Superior pancreatiocoduodenal artery from gastroduodenal (Hepatic - Celiac)

Inferior pancreaticoduodenal from SMA

Pancreatic arteries from Splenic

Blood supply of pancreas


Venous drainage of pancreas

PANCREATIC VEINS which are tributaries of the SPLENIC and SUPERIOR MESENTERIC; most of them empty into the splenic vein


Cancer involving the pancreatic head accounts for most cases of extrahepatic obstruction of the biliary system

Compresses and obstructs the bile duct causing OBSTRUCTIVE JAUNDICE resulting in the retention of bile pigments, enlargement of GB and jaundice

Cancer of neck and body may cause portal or IVC obstruction

Pancreatic cancer


A 36 y/o woman th yellow pigmentation of the skin and sclerae was diagnosed to have OBSTRUCTIVE JAUNDICE. What is the most likely cause?

Obstruction of the the main pancreatic duct


Ventral pancreatic bud fuses with dorsal pancreatic bud both dorsally & ventrally ➡️ ring of pancreatic tissue around duodenum ➡️ duodenal obstruction

Annular pancreas


Associated with biliary raft disease or alcoholism

Flank ecchymosis (Turney sign) or periumbilical ecchymosis (Cullen sign)

Acute pancreatitis


MC location: head

Poor prognosis

SSX: epigastric pain radiating to the back, weight loss, obstructive jaundice

Surgical tx: pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple's procedure)

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma


Removes the head of pancreas, duodenum, distal CBD, GB & distal stomach

Whipple's procedure