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MC location: body, along lesser curvature above incisura angularis

Occur at histologic transition zone: gastric glands change from parietal cells (HCl producing)

Damage to mucosal barrier (⬇️mucus & bicarbonate) due to H. pylori (70%), smoking, salicylates, NSAIDs

Normal or decreased gastric acid secretion

Epigastric pain aggravated by food

Gastric ulcers


Cardia - near GE junction

Fundus - above GE junction

Body - between fundus & antrum

Antrum - distal stomach, begins at incisura angularis & ends at pylorus

Pylorus - muscular sphincter, controls gastric emptying & prevents duodenal reflux into the stomach




SSX: projectile nonbilous vomiting, visible peristalsis from L hypochondriac to R hypochondriac region

Olive-shaped mass in epigastric area

Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis


Rapid emptying of hyperosmotic stomach contents into jejunum

Complication of partial gastrectomy or vagotomy for treatment of ulcer of obesity

SSX: epigastric discomfort, borborygmi, palpitations, dizziness, diarrhea & hypoglycemia

Dumping syndrome


Metastatic to L supraclavicular lymph node (Virchow nodes) which can be palpated on posterior triangle of the neck

Stomach cancer