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Your PRF... Your friend

Would it be able to defend you and your patient assessment, treatment, actions and outcome?


The need for PRF compliance

To satisfy the Trusts Clinical Governance Obligation.

Implicit to this, is the undertaking of Clinical Audit.


Clinical Audit - what is it?

Reviewing the delivery of healthcare against explicit criteria to promote and ensure best practice is being carried out.

To answer the question "are patients being given the best care?"


The PRF form MUST...

Be completed for each patient that you come into contact with.

Have names, personnel numbers, and grades of crew staff.

Be written out clearly.

Have all boxes relevant to the patient completed fully.

White copy handed into hospital staff.

Be handed in with the completed LA1 at the end of the shift, into the PRF box.


How many of your PRF's get audited?

50% of non conveyed

1:40 randomised

All of certain codes (9001,9002,9003,9004,9009,9010,9021,9022,9023,9024,9025,9026,9027,9028,9099)


Role of the TL

To provide advice, guidance, support and mentoring to achieve optimum personal and professional development; PDR review.

Act as a focal point for staff experiencing personal and professional difficulties.

Meet staff after all periods of sickness, to carry out a return to work interview and to support them, where necessary.

Carry out appraisals, identifying strengths and areas requiring development.

Promote well being and hydration of busy staff.

Monitor the quality of patient care to provide advice and guidance in support of it.


Role of 'Clinical TL'

Provide on-going support and mentoring on clinical issues.

Act as work based trainer, cascading training and disseminating audit findings and changes to protocols.

Monitor PRF's for quality of completion and adherence to protocol. Provide feedback on areas of concern to staff members.


Role of the TL - maintaining LAS standards

Securing timely deployment and optimum operational performance.

Ensure staff adhere to operational standards at all times.

Emphasise how high standards of operational performance impact directly on patient care.


Role of the TL - health and safety

Support staff following an industrial injury or verbal/physical abuse incident.

Responsible for implementing the trust's health & safety policy, government and NHS initiatives.

Undertake or assist with the investigation and follow-up of reported untoward incidents.

Remove from service and identified defective medical or other safety equipment.


LA1 'Accident/Emergency Journey Summary'

Records signing on and off time.
Records rest break times.
Records all journeys made by crew staff during a shift with CAD, Time of call, Arrival time and PRF numbers.
Logs the vehicle based equipment, drug packs, hand held radio numbers.
MUST be handed in with completed PRF's at the end of the shift.


Remember 3 things...

If it was not written down it was not thought of or did not happen.
Maintain your personal self discipline.
Always do the right thing.