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Who were the Pilgrims?

Originally known as Separtists, this was the first group of colonists to settle in Massachusetts. They left England because they wanted to worship religion in their own way


Who were the Puritans?

A strict group of Pilgrims who wanted to "purify" the Anglican Church. They believed the church had become corrupt and also believed in predestination.


Who were the Quakers?

A group of Protestants who mostly settled in the Pennsylvania colony. They believed in equality between men in women, did not believe in violence, and did not believe in slavery.


What was the first successful English settlement in the New World?

Jamestown, VA. It only survived because of the help of the natives in the region who taught the colonists how to grow tobacco.


What was the name of settlers who could not pay for their way to the New World so they would offer their labor or services for a set period of time?

Indentured Servants


Describe the Middle Colonies.

They included NY, NJ, PA, DE and mostly were known as the "wheat" colonies. These colonies were diverse with many different religions being practiced there.


Describe the New England Colonies.

They included CT, RI, NH, MA and their economy was based on fishing/farming/whaling. The New England colonies were known as the strictest colonies, especially in Massachusetts were several people were banned and exiled for not conforming.


What is a heretic?

Anyone who doesn't conform to an established attitude, doctrine or principle. For example: Anne Hutchinson was labeled a heretic for thinking that one could be religious in their own way outside of the New England churches.


Mayflower Compact

Document signed by Pilgrims and other settlers on the Mayflower ship agreeing that white, male, church members would be the ones to make decisions for the colony of Massachusetts. This symbolized the colonists wanted self-representation.


Describe the Southern Colonies.

They included MD, VA, NC, SC, & GA. These colonies were supported through agriculture, especially the growing of tobacco, rice and later cotton.


Which colony was known as the "Holy Experiment"?

Pennsylvania. William Penn created this particular colony for Quakers but was open to all religious groups.


Which colony was known as the "Social Experiment"?

Georgia. Georgia was known as the 2nd chance colony as it was established by James Oglethorpe for people who were in debt or imprisoned throughout England.


Which colony is founded by Roger Williams?

Rhode Island. After being exiled by Massachusetts, Williams is accepted by the Narragansett Indians in Rhode Island. Later he pays them for a piece of property he names Providence.


Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

First written constitution in the colonies. Established by Thomas Hooker, the FOC helped set up the guidelines for the colony which was founded in Hartford and later included New Haven.


Nathaniel Bacon

Led a rebellion for Virginian farmers against the governor, Sir William Berkely, in order to take native lands for farmers to use.


Pequot War 1637

Vicious war fought between the English colonists of CT against the powerful Pequot tribe of the region. The war included the Massacre at Mystic, in which hundreds of Pequots were killed in an effort to exterminate the tribe.


What were the Navigation Acts?

A series of laws passed by the British crown forcing all trade from the New World to go through England prior to reaching other locations. These acts agitated the colonists as they could no longer trade directly with other countries, thus cutting their profits by large margins.


What was the Middle Passage?

The cruel, lengthy and dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean traveled by captured, traded and bought slaves.


Why was the French & Indian War fought?

The Ohio River Valley was a very valuable location between the English colonies and the French regions full of various animals, which resulted in a highly profitable fur trade region. Natives fought on both sides, for the French and for the English, but ultimately the English defeated the French.


Which colony was founded for Roman Catholics who were being persecuted in England?

Maryland, established by Lord Baltimore.


Anglican Church

Established by King Henry VIII when the Pope would not grant him a divorce from a wife who did not bear him a male heir.


The Iroquois League

The unification of five major Native American tribes throughout the Northeast in order to fight against European settlement.


The Treaty of Paris

Agreement between England and France which ended the French & Indian War. Granted England all of the land EAST of the Mississippi River, thus taking land from France and Spain.