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Intellectual disability is diagnosed by looking at...

Deficits in intellectual functioning, eg reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, judgment, academic/experiential learning, using clinical and IQ tests
Deficits in adaptive functioning - not meeting developmental and socio-cultural standards, excommunication, social participation, independent liveing


Previous DSM defined intellectual disability purely on basis of...

IQ scores
Mild - 50/55
Moderate - 35/40 - 50/55
Severe - 20/25 - 35/40
Profound - below 20/25


Prevalence of intellectual disability... (x3)

3% of Australian population
Of whom 74% under 65 yo
57% of under 65s also had psychiatric disability


Three core activities of daily living affected by Intellectual disability...



Two areas of most unmet need for those with intellectual disability...

Cognition/emotion - 38% with unmet needs
Communication - 36%


Most commonly reported problem by people with intellectual disability

Speech problems


Deinstitutionalisation of those with intellectual disability based on two major concepts...

Normalisation - recognition that PWID need same opps as others
Social role valorisation - that they should be able to hold valued roles in community


The Challinor Project looked at the effects of large-scale deinstitutionalisation by...
And found...

Assessing residents 6 months prior to, then 1, 6, 12, 18, 24 months after relocation
Improvements in adaptive behaviours plateaued at 24 months - less enthusiasm/cash/hope of results by then


Abendberg was...

The first known facility for people with intellectual disabilities


Jean-Marc Itard was famous for... (X2)
And his methods were refined to...
At which institution?

The first systematic, documented program for PWID, focussing on physiological and moral education
Working with Victor, the wild boy from Averyon
Educate the 'feeble minded'
Salpetriere Hospital, Paris