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Fascist Aggression: Japan invaded Manchuria
US Response:

Stimson Doctrine: the US wouldn't recognize any agreement between Japanese and Chinese that limited free commercial intercourse or that violated US rights or agreements to which the US subscribed


Fascist Aggression: Italy invaded Ethiopia
US Response:

"Moral Embargo" of oil shipments to Italy


Fascist Aggression: Rearmament of Germany
US Response:

Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1936: forbid loans and credit to belligerents (Nye Committee: don't want to be dragged into another war)


Fascist Aggression: Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)- military revolt against Republican gov't of Spain
US Response:

Neutrality Act of 1937: outlawed trade with Spain, revised the Neutrality Act to include civil wars


Fascist Aggression: Japan invaded China
US Response:

President Roosevelt's Quarantine Speech (10/5/1937): quarantine these aggressor nations to ensure the preservation of peace and freedom throughout the world


Fascist Aggression: Hitler's takeover of Czechoslovakia
US Response:

Roosevelt's letter to Mussolini and Hitler asking for assurances against aggression


Fascist Aggression: Hitler's invasion of Poland
US Response:

Cash and Carry policy: allowed for sale of materials to belligerents as long as the recipients arranged for transport using own ships, paid immediately in cash, and assumed all risk in transportation


Fascist Aggression: Hitler's invasion of Norway and the low countries
US Response:

US froze German assets


Fascist Aggression: Fall of France
US Response:

Destroyer Deal with England and Conscription Act: the US gave Britain fifty aging destroyers in exchange for the use of naval and air bases in 8 British possessions (Conscription? the Draft!)


The Draft:
Ages from __ to __; __ million eligible young men; no __; In 1942, expanded to men __ to __; 1943: once __ was filled, blacks were allowed to be drafted

21 to 36; 20; blacks; 18 to 37; quota


Fascist Aggression: Japan's invasion of Indochina
US Response:

Embargo against Japan


Fascist Aggression: Battle of Britain
US Response:

Lend-Lease: US will supply allied nations with food, oil, and material (warships and weapons); aid was free; In return, the US was given leases army and naval bases in Allied territory during the war


Describe Hitler's Invasion of Russia

Called Operation Barbarossa; broke nonaggression pact, try to get all major Russian cities


Fascist Aggression: Hitler's Invasion of Russia
US Response:

Atlantic Charter: broad statement of US and British war aims (eight "common principles")


Describe Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor

All 8 battleships are hit, 4 sunk, 2403 killed, 1178 wounded


Fascist Aggression: Japan attacked Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)
US Response:

Declaration of war against Japan; "A day that will live in infamy" - FDR


Doolittle Raid:
Planned by __ __ in __ __
First __ raid to strike __ mainland
Showed __ was vulnerable
Boost to American __; was __

Jimmy Doolittle
April 1942