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Played the trumpet and sang; set new standards for jazz musicians; product of New Orlean's rich musical culture; nickname Satchmo

Louis Armstrong


Italian American actor; known as the Latin Lover; starred in The Sheik; died at 31 causing mass hysteria among females

Rudolph Valentino


"The Little Tramp"; icon of the Silent Film Era; kept a positive outlook on life in a world full of chaos; showed that the human spirit has and always will remain the same

Charlie Chaplin


First to fly solo across the Atlantic; called the "Lone Eagle"; flew in the Spirit of St. Louis; national hero; infant son was kidnapped from home in Hopewell, NJ and killed

Charles Lindbergh


Hungarian-American; remembered for sensational escape acts; traveled throughout America and Europe; world's greatest magician

Harry Houdini


Golfer; helped create the Masters Tournament; won 4 major golf tournaments in 1 year; most successful amateur golfer ever

Bobby Jones


Dancer, singer, and actress; sensation in France though many in America rejected her; known as Creole Goddess; first African American woman to star in films

Josephine Baker


"Galloping Ghost"; played for the Chicago Bears; charted member of the Football Hall of Fame; in 2008, ESPN said he was the greatest football player of all time

Red Grange


American stage and screen actor; member of the most famous generation of the most theatrical family in America; also its most acclaimed star; nicknamed "The Great Profile"

John Barrymore


"The Flapper!"; nicknamed the "It" girl; starred in 58 films and was America's first sex symbol

Clara Bow


Boxer; had iron strength and killer left hooks; won the heavyweight title and defended it 6 times; universally accepted sports star

Jack Dempsey


American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer; had many swashbuckling roles such as Robin Hood and the Thief of Baghdad; hosted the first Oscar Awards ceremony

Douglas Fairbanks


American cowboy, vaudeville performer, humorist, social commentator, and motion picture actor; one of the world's best-known celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s; had a folksy wit and out shows on Broadway

Will Rogers


Evangelist and media celebrity; liked to reach people by the radio; held huge public-faith healing ceremonies; believed America was founded and sustained by divine inspiration

Aimee Semple McPherson


America's Sweetheart; founding member of the Motion Picture Arts and Science; was recently voted the 24th most important female star; one of her films was Coquette; had a bob; husband was Douglas Fairbanks

Mary Pickford


Associated with football and Notre Dame; considered one of the greatest football coaches of all time; emphasized quickness, deception, and finesse; had 5 undefeated teams and won 3 national championships

Knute Rockne


"Bambino"; played 22 seasons in major league baseball; most remembered as a Yankee; was premiere left hand pitcher; in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Babe Ruth


Boxer and world heavy weight champion of the world; retired undefeated; ring magazines first ever Boxer of the Year; wrote a book called A Man Must Fight

Gene Tunney


Baseball player who became an evangelist; attracted large crowds with the new electronic sound system; supported Prohibition; on average, preached 42 sermons a month

Billy Sunday


American who competed in the Olympics; first woman to swim the English Channel

Gertrude Ederle