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Who were the Axis Powers?

Germany, Italy, and Japan


When does totalitarianism develop? Describe totalitarianism

1920sthe state was everything, Individuals have nor rights; all power was in the hands of one leader (dictator)


Dictator in USSR who wanted to spread communism around the world

Joseph Stalin


Dictator of Spain in 1939 after bloody civil war

General Francisco Franco


Describe Fascism in Italy

Benito Mussolini names it; seized power in 1922; name came from Ancient symbol of authority, the fasces, a bundle of rods tied tightly around an ax; rods and ax represent the power of the state; binding them closely together represents national unity


Describe Italian Aggression

Mussolini; turned Mediterranean into Italian Lake; revived the glories of the Roman Empire; 1936: Italy annexed Ethiopia and invades it


Describe Hitler's book Mein Kampf

Called My Struggle; said Germans were part of a master race that was destined to rule the world; other races such as Jews, Slavs, and non whites were inferior races that contaminated society; these inferior people were only good to serve the superior race or be exterminated (Holocaust)


Describe the Nazis

National Socialists; drew on bitterness of the German people over the Versailles Treaty; came to power through democratic elections in 1933


Describe the rise of Hitler

strongly anticommunist; intensely militaristic; had 2 private armies (SA: brown shirted storm troopers, SS: black shirted); party symbol: hooked black cross called the swastika


Describe Hitler taking office

Suspends the German constitution; parades, shout slogans; beat up those who opposed them; targeted union leaders, communists, and Jews; motto: "One state! One people! One leader!"


German Aggression Timeline:1936

Germans move into the Rhineland


German Aggression Timeline:March 1938

Hitler moves into Austria (Anschluss) - Arian race (part of German people)


German Aggression Timeline:September 1938

Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia (Lebensraum) - give more room for the Arian people


German Aggression Timeline:Response to September 1938 event

Neville Chamberlain "Peace in Our time": says let Hitler have the land


German Aggression Timeline:March 1939

Hitler violates Munich accords and takes over all of Czechoslovakia; Britain assures Poland of their assistance should Poland be attacked


German Aggression Timeline:August 1939

Non-aggression pact with Stalin: agree Germany will get most people of Poland and Stalin will get most of the land


German Aggression Timeline:September 1, 1939

Germany invades Poland from west (start of WWII); Britain and France declare war on Germany


German Aggression Timeline:September 17, 1939

USSR invades Poland from the East


German Aggression Timeline:1939-1940

Soviets invade Finland, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania


German Aggression Timeline:Spring 1940

Germany invades Denmark and Norway; Blitzkrieg (lightning war) in Netherlands and Belgium


German Aggression Timeline:June 1940

Germans march into Paris; Germans occupy France and develop Vichy France (sympathtic to Nazi gov't); British rescued from Dunkirk


German Aggression Timeline:August-October 1940

Battle of Britain: air force bombs everything at night (Luftwaffe)