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Describe FDR:__ president, political party, dates served, from __

32nd, Democrat, 1933-1945, NY


Which 3 presidents were larger than the office they inherited?



Why was FDR larger than the office they inherited?

fundamentally challenged relationship of citizen in the central gov't


What year of the depression is it when FDR takes office?



When FDR takes office:__ of Americans unemployed- about __ million people or more; John Keynes was asked when was the last time something like this happened, and he replied the __ __ and it lasted 400 years; __ banks failed; __ million savings accounts have been wiped out

1/315Dark Ages50009


People had fear would Depression and Democracy __?



What was FDR's famous line from 1st inaugural address?

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"


Best New Deal legislation was FDR's __ and __ faith; he couldn't be __



What was FDR's philosophy?

"It is common sense to take a method and try it, if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something"


What were the 3 general aims of the New Deal?

Relief, recovery, reform


Describe this aim of the New Deal:Relief

aimed at all Americans in economic distress


Describe this aim of the New Deal:Recovery

spur the economy and get the country out of the depression


Describe this aim of the New Deal:Reform

prevent another severe depression


Experts close to FDR who gave him advice; most were college professors

FDR's Brain Trust


Describe the gov'ts support of the arts

gov't placed murals in the post offices of small towns in the 48 states; In Kellogg, Idaho, people fought over the mining painting placed in its post office, which got changed to a new one


What were the criticisms of the New Deal?

greatly increased the power of the federal gov't; people sued saying some of the New Deal was unconstitutional; new restrictions by gov't would destroy free enterprise system


Describe the 1935 Schechter v. US "sick chicken case"

said poultry farm was not complying; NIRA declared unconstitutional; Congress gave legislative power to executive; Congress trying to regulate commerce that was not b/w states


Describe the 1936 case US v. Butler

ruled AAA unconstitutional; said processing tax of AAA which was then given to farmers to restrict production was not a real tax but a way to regulate farm production


What did the Supreme Court struck down?

Many state laws such as New York's minimum wage


Describe the Liberty League's criticism of FDR

felt Constitution was in danger; New Deal is slowly establishing a dictator; FDR was a "traitor to his class"


Senator Huey Long's criticism and ideas:From __; nicknamed "__"; great __ for the little person; felt president was too much of a tool of __ __; wanted to tax away all incomes over $__ so all can live decently; began __-__-__ organization (Slogan: "Every man a __", regardless of racial prejudice); $__ guaranteed annual income to every American family

Louisiana; Kingfish; pity; Wall Street; $1 million; share-our-wealth; king; $5000


Frances Townshend's criticism and ideas:From __; profession: __; wanted old age __ for every American over 60; pay every American $__ a month but it had to be spent within __ days

California; doctor; pension; $200; 30


Upton Sinclair's criticism and ideas:Wrote The __and I, Governor of __ and How I Ended __; wanted higher __ and __ __; $__ a month pension for the elderly; Ran for Governor of __ in 1934 but lost

Jungle; California; Poverty; income; inheritance tax; $50; California


Father Charles Coughlin's criticism and ideas:From __; profession: __ __; anti-__; national __ __ with over 10 million listeners; wanted to nationalize __, __ __, and __ __; superior in the __ __ told him to stop __

Detroit; Catholic Priest; Semitic; radio broadcasts; banks; public utilities; natural resources; Catholic Church; broadcasting