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What was FDR's response to criticism?

Second New Deal: Wagner Labor Relations Act, National Labor Security Board, and Social Security Act


Describe the Roosevelt Recession (1937-1938)

In an effort to balance the budget, funding was cut for many programs; unemployment jumps to 19%; Roosevelt gets $3.75 billion from Congress to resume programs; economy begins to recover again


FDR attacks the Court through the __ __ bill

Court Packing Bill


Describe the Court-Packing BillFDR asked Congress to reorganize __; said __ was too heavy and judges could not __ __; said the problem was also that too many judges were too __ or __; said justices must __ within 6 months of turning 70 or the president can __ __ __

judiciary; caseload; keep up; old or infirmed; retire; appoint additional judges


Describe the Supreme Court during FDR's presidency:FDR would be able to enlarge court to __ justices; it did not pass __; __ judges changed mind in regards to __ __ power to regulate economy so FDR began to win with _-_ majorities; an older __ judge retired; but, it was a big __ __

15; Congress; 2; federal gov't; 5-4; conservative; political mistake


What are 5 reasons FDR gave up the court-packing bill without complaint?

1) opposition within Democratic Party2) minimum wage law upheld3) 1 justice retired4) unemployment of Social Security5) age old pension upheld of Social Security Act


Changes occurred because of the New Deal:Describe how labor unions grew

CIO formed; used sit-down strikes (stay on jobs but do not work); 1938: 4 million members; combined with AFL in 1955


FDR sought opinions of highly placed African Americans in his gov't

Black Cabinet


Changes occurred because of the New Deal:Minorities receiving attention - African Americans

New Deal measures were colorblind; "Black Cabinet"; CIO allowed black members though the AFL did not; Supreme Court upheld rights of accused African Americans and the right to a jury with African Americans; vote Democratic (Republican had been Lincoln's party)


Changes occurred because of the New Deal:Minorities receiving attention - Native Americans

Indian Reorganization Act of 1934: ended allotment policy of the Dawes Act, restored reservation land to tribal authority, natives could enter court, practical education


Changes occurred because of the New Deal:Minorities receiving attention - Women__ __: wrote Gone to the Wind__ __: actress__ __: playwright__ __: flew airplanes__ __: anthropology and sociology__ __: took photos of people in depression

Margaret MitchellBette DavisLillian HellmanAmelia EarhartMargaret MeadDorothea Lange