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Media Language Theorists
Roland barthes semiotics the five...,
Steve nealetheory of repetition a...,
Tropprov s narrative theory
7  cards
Representation Theorists
Gauntlett s identity theory,
Stuart hall s representation theory,
Van zoonen s feminist theory
7  cards
Industry Theorists
David hesmondhalgh s cultural ind...,
Lunt livingstone s regulation theory,
Curran and seaton s power and med...
3  cards
Audience Theorists
Stuart hall s reception theory,
Four needs theory uses and gratif...,
Dyer s utopian solutions theory
5  cards
Conventions of charity advertisme...,
Historical context of channel 4,
Product context
19  cards
Tide: Representation
Media language,
Relevant theory stuart hall
14  cards
The Daily Mirror Representation Front Page
Representation of boris front page,
Patriotism front page,
Political affilation front page
4  cards
The Times Representation
Economic context,
Product context
2  cards
Kiss of a Vampire - Representation
How does the female character s c...,
How does the woman on the left of...,
How does the illustration of the ...
12  cards
I, Daniel Blake
Genre of i daniel blake,
Ken loach director of i daniel blake,
Production of i daniel blake
16  cards
Black Panther
Briefly explain two advantages of...,
Name a major film studio that dis...,
Identify two marketing methods us...
10  cards
Riptide Music Video
Vance joy,
Media language,
9  cards
The Bridge
1  cards
Peaky Blinders: Context
What kind of broadcaster is the bbc,
What is unique about the bbc,
What region of the uk is often ne...
16  cards
Media Language terminology
Action code,
Active audience,
22  cards
Have You Heard George's Podcast?
Product context,
Target audience,
Give one example of a public serv...
8  cards
Assassins Creed: Valhalla
Economic contexts,
Product context,
Historical context
20  cards
Media Language Terminology
Action code,
Active audience,
118  cards
Psychographics/Young and Rubicam 4Cs
The 4 cs,
The aspirer,
The succeeder
8  cards
Peaky Blinders: Industry
1  cards
Peaky Blinders: Media Language
0  cards
Peaky Blinders: Representation
0  cards
Peaky Blinders: Audience
0  cards
The Bridge: Representation
Relevant theory van zoonen,
Relevant theory bell hooks,
Relevant theory gender performati...
14  cards
The Bridge: Media Language
Binary oppositions structuralism ...
34  cards
The Bridge: Industry
What type of production is the br...,
What was the name of the swedish ...,
What was the name of the danish p...
14  cards
The Bridge: Audience
What type of audience does the br...,
What did bbc four establish by br...,
What is bbc four s role
7  cards
The Daily Mirror Double Spread Page
0  cards
Formation by Beyonce - Representation
Ethnicity representation,
Hurricane katrina
42  cards
Attitude - Media Language
0  cards
Attitude - Representation
0  cards
Attitude - Industry
Attitude s original publishing co...,
Northern shell,
Who bought attitude from n s
3  cards
Attitude - Audience
How does attitude attract and mai...,
9  cards
Zoella - Media Language
Conventional camera technique,
Handheld shots
21  cards
Zoella - Representation
Mental health,
14  cards
Zoella - Industry
Impact of technological change,
How has the internet impacted med...,
Economic context
22  cards
Zoella - Audience
Age range,
Socio economic group
21  cards
Online Media Terminology
Navigational features,
Mise en scene composition,
12  cards
Zoella context
When did zoella start blogging,
Zoella was named one of britains ...
12  cards
Identify ways in which audiences ...,
Identify two ways technology has ...,
Name the organisation that owns t...
7  cards
Section B Practice Questions
Define horizontal integration,
Define vertical integration,
Briefly explain what is meant by ...
10  cards
The Bridge: Product Context
4  cards
The Big Issue: Social Context
How many,
Uk councils spend how much on wha...,
How many registered rough sleeper...
7  cards
The Big Issue:Cultural Context
The big issue works with both eme...,
Why does the big issue work with ...,
Examples of uk charity organisati...
3  cards
The Big Issue: Economic Context
How many magazines do the big iss...,
How many copies do the big issue ...,
Over 26 yearr how much has the bi...
4  cards
Magazine Terminology
Brand identity,
16  cards
Tide: Audience
Target audience of tide,
Secondary audience,
How are the target audience appea...
11  cards
Formation by Beyonce - Context
When was formation released,
Who was the director for formation,
What awards has formation won bee...
5  cards
Vogue - Industry
Other notable magazines owned by ...,
Who created owns and publishes vogue,
When did vogue begin
16  cards
Tide: Social Context
Womens roles after the war,
Target audience context tide,
Intertexts for tide
4  cards
Tide: Cultural Context
Cultural context in tide
1  cards
Tide: Historical Context
Developing society context tide,
The rise of capitalism and consum...,
The nuclear family
4  cards
Tide: Product Context
Who owns tide,
When was tide launched,
Who handled p g s accounts throug...
4  cards
Riptide Music Video: Media Language
0  cards
The Bridge: Characters
Saga noren,
Henrik saboe,
Hans pettersson
5  cards
The Big Issue: Audience
16  cards
The Big Issue: Industry
Power the media curran seaton,
Regulation sonia livingstone pete...,
Advertising in big issue
5  cards
Super.Human: Social Context
0  cards
Super Human: Economic Context
0  cards
Channel 4 Context
Channel 4,
Historical context of channel 4
2  cards
Super. Human. Audiences
0  cards
Super.Human Media Language
0  cards
Super Human Product Context
Product context,
Creator of the advert
3  cards
Super Human Historical Context
Historical context of channel 4
1  cards
The Bridge: Economic Factors
What companies was the bridge co ...,
What funding did the production o...,
For the third season specifically...
3  cards
The Bridge: Historical Context
What does the bridge demonstrate ...,
How might the representations wit...,
What may different audience inter...
3  cards
The Bridge: Social Context
Discourses in the bridge reflect ...,
What influences the representatio...,
How is the culture divide represe...
3  cards
Kiss of the Vampire: Social and Political context
What is the 1960s typically seen ...,
What was the 1960s like for teena...,
What was the 1960s like fore wome...
5  cards
Kiss of the Vampire: Product Context
Who directed kiss of the vampire,
Who produced kiss of the vampire,
Who distributed kiss of the vampire
7  cards
Kiss of the Vampire: Media Language
Artistic style,
Colour palette
12  cards
Kiss of the Vampire: Cultural Context
What would a 1960s audience typic...,
Example of a monster movie film p...,
Another example of a monster movi...
3  cards
Beyonce's Formation: Historical Context
When and where is the formation m...,
What was the response to the gove...,
What occured in the wake of hurri...
13  cards
Beyonce's Formation: Economic & Political Contexts
Economic context,
What intertext is reference in be...,
What are the negative interpretat...
5  cards
Beyonce's Formation: Representation
Beyonce as a performance,
Use of stereotypes,
Gender representation
10  cards
Beyonce's Formation: Product Context
13  cards

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