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Chapter 9 - Schizophrenia
What is the first formal onset of...,
What is the age onset
84  cards
Chapter 8 - Mood Disorders and Suicide
Imagined loss,
Why is clinical depression different,
Types of mood disorders
102  cards
Chapter 1 and 2
Psychological abnormality,
Mental illness,
Psychological disorder
68  cards
Chapter 3
Inter rater reliability,
13  cards
Chapter 6 - Dissociative and Somatic Symptoms
What do dissociative disorders in...,
What do somatic symptom disorders...,
76  cards
Chapter 7 - Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions
What perspective emerged in the 1...,
Behavioral medicine
91  cards
Chapter 11 - Substance-Related Disorders
Substance use disorders,
10 different classes of substance...,
4 general groupings of indicators
99  cards
Chapter 13 - Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Egodystonic homosexuality,
Sexual response stage,
Stages of sex
90  cards
Chapter 5 - Anxiety and Related Disorders
What kind of an emotion is fear
94  cards
Chapter 10 - Eating Disorders
Anorexia nervosa,
Bulimia nervosa,
Binge eating disorder
98  cards
Chapter 12 - Personality Disorders
Personality disorders,
Key features of diagnosis,
Cluster a
73  cards
Chapter 16 - Aging and Mental Health
Baby boomers,
What are some causes of reduction...,
Proportions of older adults incre...
61  cards
Chapter 17 - Therapies
What is ect used for,
Psychoactive agents,
Extrapyramidal effects
47  cards
Chapter 19 - Mental Disorder and the Law
Statutory law,
Common law,
3  cards

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