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Albuterol proventil ventolin,
10 rights of medication administr...,
Definition of chemical name
49  cards
Patient Assessment
5 parts of pt assessment process,
Scene size up,
Primary survey
20  cards
Exam 1 Review
Function of nremt,
Who regulates standards under whi...,
What did nevada highway traffic s...
91  cards
What are potential causes of card...,
S s of cardiogenic shock,
What are potential causes of obst...
19  cards
Respiratory Emergencies
What is respiration,
What is ventilation,
What part of the brain is respons...
90  cards
Cardiovascular Emergencies
Which part of the heart is the st...,
Which vena cava vein is the largest,
What is the intrinsic rate of the...
59  cards
BLS Resucitation
Chain of survival,
What are reversible causes of car...,
Anyone younger than ___ year is c...
26  cards
Neuro Emergencies
What anatomical structures make u...,
What anatomical structures make u...,
The cns is responsible for ___
67  cards
GI & GU Emergencies
Solid organs in abdominal cavity,
Which organs are retroperitoneal,
An injury to a _____ organ can ca...
50  cards
Endocrine & Hematologic Emergencies
How does the body manage high glu...,
How does the body manage low gluc...,
What is metabolized when glycogen...
53  cards
Immunological Emergencies
Cellular immunity,
Humoral immunity,
Action and location of iga
19  cards
Communication and Documentation
Which cultures find hands on hips...,
Which cultures find touching with...,
Which cultures find eye contact d...
16  cards
Toxicology Emergencies
4 primary methods of entry,
Assessment clues pointing towards...,
Management of ingestion toxicology
88  cards
Psych Emergencies
Common causes of behavioral alter...,
Organic brain syndrome,
Causes of organic brain syndrome
23  cards
Gyn Emergencies
Function of ovaries,
26  cards
Life Span Development
Percentage of body weight a neona...,
Moro reflex,
Rooting reflex
43  cards
OB and Neonatal Care
Approximately how many cells does...,
Function of placenta,
Premature rupture of membranes
81  cards
Lifting and Moving Patients
How many providers must you use t...,
Where should the strongest provid...,
When should you use an emergency ...
12  cards
Pediatric Emergencies
Pediatric assessment triangle,
Begin your assessment with the __...,
Respiratory rate hr bp and temper...
108  cards
Patients w/ special challenges
Developmental disabilities,
Causes of intellectual disabiliti...,
Autism is characterized by
31  cards
Geriatric Emergencies
Changes in respiratory system in ...,
Changes in cardiovascular system ...,
32  cards
Transport Operations
The first vehicle to arrive on sc...,
Main objectives in directing traf...
2  cards
Potential energy,
Kinetic energy,
44  cards
What part of the nervous system m...,
How long can the kidneys survive ...,
How long can the brain and spinal...
31  cards
Soft Tissue Injuries
How are old epidermis cells replaced,
97  cards
Face and Neck Injuries
Function of hyoid bone,
Which nerve carries parasympathet...,
Which nerve provides the sense of...
60  cards
Head and Spine Injuries
Central nervous system,
Peripheral nervous system,
What is the cranium occupied with
108  cards
Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
B nice,
During a wmd call you should stag...
51  cards
Chest Injuries
Any injury at the ______ should b...,
Spinal cord injuries at ___ or ab...,
Spinal cord injuries at ___ level...
99  cards
GI & GU Injuries
Organs commonly found in ruq,
Organs commonly found in luq,
Organs commonly found in rlq
41  cards
Orthopedic Injuries
The blood supply in each ue origi...,
The blood supply in each le origi...,
49  cards
Environmental Emergencies
25  cards
Final Exam
Cells convert glucose into energy...,
S s heat stroke,
S s heat exhaustion
42  cards

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