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Histology of Eukaryotic Cell
Components of the cytoplasm,
Which cell has no nucleus
35  cards
Carbon Chemistry pH and Buffers
Carbon chemistry,
Atomic structure
24  cards
Building Blocks
Nomenclature of carbs,
Properties of simple sugars
32  cards
Peptide bonds,
Properties of peptide bonds,
Levels of structure with in a pro...
28  cards
Key characteristics of enzymes,
Cofactors of enzymes,
Classification of enzymes
19  cards
Mechanisms of Enzymes
Catalytic mechanism of chymotrypsin
8  cards
Regulatory Strategies for Controlling Enzymes
Allosteric enzymes,
Allosteric models of regulation,
Aspartate transcarbamoylase actase
24  cards
Central Dogma
Central dogma,
Dna double helix,
Chemical properties of dna
9  cards
DNA Synthesis (Replication)
Dna replication in prokaryotes,
Process by which dna is copied oc...,
Dna replication requires
19  cards
RNA Synthesis: Transcription
The genetic code
24  cards
Protein Synthesis
Protein translation,
27  cards
Control of Gene Expression
Importance of controlling gene ex...,
Regulation of eukaryotic gene exp...,
Gene expression requires chromati...
21  cards
The human genome,
Chromosome morphology,
Chromosome morphology
34  cards
Genetic Variation
Types of mutations,
Table slide 3
25  cards
The Cell Membrane
Functions of the pm,
A little bit of historythe fluid ...,
Composition and structure of the pm
29  cards
Membrane Physiology Ion Channels and Transport
What stabilizes the tm proteins i...,
Transport of molecules across the...,
Let s consider transport across p...
26  cards
Membrane Physiology
Membrane potential,
Membrane potential,
Membrane potential the mechanism
19  cards
Intracellular Signaling
Cell communication,
Extracellular primary chemical me...,
Relationship between messenger pr...
25  cards
Cell Cycle-Oncogenes-Apoptosis
Cell cycle cell division cycle or...,
Phases of cell cyclethe cell cycl...,
Prophasethe chromosomes begin to ...
25  cards
Biology of Cancer
What is cancercdc defines cancer ...,
Cancer of the oral cavity and pha...,
Cancers are highly complexcancer ...
20  cards
Metabolism 1
Metabolism isa highly integrated ...,
Catabolism is the degradation pat...,
Four principles of metabolic path...
36  cards
Metabolism 2
Glycolysis takes place in the cyt...,
Main function of the glycolytic p...,
Types of reactions which occur in...
44  cards
Metabolism 3
Glycogenstorage form of glucose i...,
Structure of glycogen2 different ...,
Glycogen synthesisnot a reversal ...
69  cards
Metabolism 4
Lipid transportphospholipids tria...,
Digestion of fats in foodspancrea...,
Lipoproteinsdefined by protein li...
26  cards
Metabolism 6
Regulation of metabolic pathways ...,
Regulatory molecules involved in ...,
Key junctions or crossroads of me...
31  cards
Mammalshave a very low tolerance ...,
Mammalian systems 11 circulatory ...,
The cascade of adjustmentssome ar...
8  cards
Histology of Epithelia/Connective Tissue
Four basic tissue types,
Characteristics of all epithelia,
Epithelia functions
61  cards
Integument functionsprotection me...,
Integument functionstemperature r...,
Skinskin consists of 3 main layer...
36  cards
Cartilage definitioncartilage is ...,
Cartilage functionsone of the sup...,
The three types of cartilagehyali...
17  cards
Extracellular Matrix: Fibrous Proteins
Extracellular matrixthe extracell...,
Components of the ecmthe ecm is c...,
Cell adhesion molecules cams many...
23  cards
Proteoglycans and Integrins
Proteoglycans in the ecmthe study...,
Glycosaminoglycansgags are unbran...,
Synthesis and structure of proteo...
20  cards
Matrix metalloproteinasesthe matr...,
Discovery of mmpsthe founding mem...,
Structure of mmpsmammalian mmps s...
13  cards
Intro to Anatomy
Anatomy o anatomy is the oldest o...,
Dissectiono dissection from the r...,
Macroscopic anatomyo what you can...
40  cards
Skeletal System
Functions o movemento support and...,
Number of boneso adult 206 boneso...,
Divide skeleton into two parts ax...
44  cards
Cartilage, Bone and Bone Development.
Cartilageone of the supporting co...,
Cartilage compositioncells in car...,
Cartilage cellschondrocyteslie wi...
57  cards
Muscular System
Function o movement o 48 of the b...,
2 categories of muscle o striated...,
Basic anatomy of skeletal muscleo...
44  cards
Mineralization Mechanisms 1
Geology hydrothermal deposition o...,
Diamond formation is an example o...,
Carbon only substance requires in...
22  cards
Mineralization Mechanisms 2 and 3
Players in osteogenesis osteoblas...,
Osteogenesis two processes occur ...,
Collagen based mineralization in ...
64  cards
Muscle Histology
There are 3 types of human muscle...,
Muscle activity skeletal strong q...,
Muscle striation shape skeletal s...
34  cards
Muscle Physiology
Muscle comprises largest group of...,
Categorization of muscle cardiac ...,
Muscle controlled muscle contract...
23  cards
Intro to Neuro
The neuron is the functional unit...,
There are two parts to the nervou...,
Notes for next figure nerve cell ...
23  cards
General organizationcentral nervo...,
Nervous system componentssensory ...,
Cell typesneuronsafferent sensory...
40  cards
Nerve physiology,
Review cable properties of nerve ...,
Review action potentials
34  cards
ANS Physiology
Ns peripheral homeostasis is esse...,
For today
12  cards
Blood and Hematopoiesis
What is blood blood is a connecti...,
Blood separationblood can be sepa...,
Plasmawaterelectrolytes na cl 7 p...
33  cards
Blood Coagulation
Primary mechanisms for hemostasis...,
The clinical benefit of a blood c...,
Overview of common hemorrhagic di...
32  cards
Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems
The blood vesselsthe cardiovascul...,
The vascular systemwe will go fro...,
On to the vascular systemgeneral ...
36  cards
Endocrine System Part I
Endocrine glands,
Endocrine glands,
Endocrine and exocrine start off ...
25  cards
Endocrine System Part II
Follicular cells can be squamous ...,
Thyroid gland function,
Parathyroid glands
30  cards
Endocrine System Intro to Hormones
Classically endocrine glands were...,
Functions to integrate and coordi...,
Removing the gland causes a defic...
30  cards
Adrenal Gland
Adrenal gland,
Adrenal gland sits above the kidn...,
Adrenal gland
34  cards
Hemoglobin and Myoglobin
Protein structure,
Functions of heme proteins hemogl...,
Myoglobin structure
24  cards
Thyroid Gland + Aldosterone+ Androgens
Aldosterone is a mineralocorticoi...,
Nrole of aldosterone in regulatin...,
Aldosterone secretion is regulate...
43  cards
Pancreasntissueuacinifexocrine gl...,
This shows the blood supply for t...
50  cards
Reproductive Hormones
Chemical name source target fcnpe...,
Chemical name source target fcngl...,
Chemical name source target fcnst...
26  cards

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