emergency medical technician

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EMS Systems
Describes the four levels of ems ...,
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Chapter 1 Flashcards
The designated area in which the ...,
A multidisciplinary system that r...,
The branch of medicine that is fo...
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Workforce Safety and Wellness
A stressor that produces a positi...,
Stress that produces negative res...,
___ can help you manage the effec...
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Chapter 2 Flashcards
A negative response to a stressor,
The capacity of an individual to ...,
The contamination of food or wate...
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Medical, Legal, & Ethical Issues
A basic medical legal and ethical...,
Emts are better positioned to avo...,
Immediate care or treatment
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Chapter 3 Flashcards
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Communications & Documentation
The transmission of information f...,
Types of communication,
Written or electronically recorde...
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Chapter 4 Flashcards
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Medical Terminology
Components of medical terms,
Foundation of the word,
What occurs before the word root
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Common Abbreviations
A p,
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Chapter 5 Flashcards
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The Human Body - Vocabulary
A field of study that focuses on ...,
Examines the normal functions and...,
The study of functional changes t...
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The Human Body - Skeletal System & Topography
This position is the frame of ref...,
Directional terms are always pres...,
Another method used when describi...
103  cards
The Human Body - Muscles & Respiratory System
A form of tissue that facilitates...,
Three types of muscle,
Voluntary muscle
157  cards
The Human Body - Circulatory System
The circulatory system is entirel...,
Two circuits in the circulatory s...,
Function of the systemic circulation
152  cards
The Human Body - Nervous & Integumentary Systems
The ___ sends commands to the adr...,
Location of the adrenal glands,
Hormones secreted by the adrenal ...
119  cards
The Human Body - Digestive, Lymphatic, Endocrine, & Urinary Systems
The digestive system is also call...,
Parts of the digestive system,
Function of the digestive system
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The Human Body - Genital System, Life Support Chain, & Pathophysiology
The male genitalia except for the...,
The female genitalia except for t...,
Parts of the male reproductive sy...
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Chapter 6 Flashcards
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Life Span Development
In general the younger the person...,
Blood pressure values tend to ___...,
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Chapter 7 Flashcards
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Lifting & Moving Patients
Most commonly used device to tran...,
A specially designed stretcher th...,
Weight of wheel ambulance stretcher
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Chapter 8 Flashcards
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The Team Approach to Health Care
An approach to leadership in orga...,
Proactively identifying problems ...,
Just culture focuses on ___
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Chapter 9 Flashcards
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Patient Assessment - Scene Size-Up & Primary Assessment
Five main parts of the assessment...,
The key to effective patient asse...,
Subjective condition that the pat...
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Patient Assessment - History Taking, Secondary Assessment, & Reassessment
Provides details about the patien...,
Info for history taking,
Past medical history should inclu...
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Chapter 10 Flashcards
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Airway Management - Anatomy & Physiology
The upper airway consists of all ...,
Upper airway structures,
The major function of the upper a...
123  cards
Airway Management - Pathophysiology of Respiration
Monitor levels of oxygen co2 hydr...,
Central chemoreceptors are locate...,
Peripheral chemoreceptors are loc...
91  cards
Airway Management - Opening, Suctioning, Adjuncts, & Maintaining
To most effectively open the airw...,
If a situation delays placement i...,
If a patient is found in the pron...
66  cards
Airway Management - Oxygen & Ventilation
Always give oxygen to patients wh...,
When ventilating any patient in c...,
Oxygen is usually stored as ___
137  cards
Airway Management - CPAP, Stomas, Obstructions, & ALS Assist
Alveolar collapse,
What does the cpap do,
Desired effect of the cpap
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Chapter 11 Flashcards
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Principles of Pharmacology - Basics & Forms
The science of drugs including th...,
A substance that is used to treat...,
The process by which a medication...
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Principles of Pharmacology - Administering part 1
As an emt you may only administer...,
The general steps of administerin...,
After medication has been adminis...
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Principles of Pharmacology - Administering part 2
Any medication placed in the mout...,
Nitroglycerine is typically the o...,
Pain in the heart from a lack of ...
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Common Medications and Their Uses
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Chapter 12 Flashcards
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Shock - Pathophysiology & Types
Inadequate cellular perfusion,
When the cells cannot create ener...,
In the early stages of shock the ...
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Shock - Progression & Emergency Care
The early stage of shock while th...,
The late stage of sock when bp is...,
When shock progresses too far it ...
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Chapter 13 Flashcards
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BLS Resuscitation
Noninvasive emergency life saving...,
Bls sequence of events,
Bls sequence of events for cardia...
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Chapter 14 Flashcards
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Medical Overview
Involve injuries resulting from p...,
Involve illnesses or conditions c...,
Medical patient assessment focuse...
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Chapter 15 Flashcards
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Respiratory Emergencies - Causes of Dyspnea part 1
Signs and symptoms of asthma,
Signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis,
Signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis
99  cards
Respiratory Emergencies - Causes of Dyspnea part 2 & Assessment
A lung disease that is characteri...,
An umbrella term that is used to ...
91  cards
Respiratory Emergencies - Emergency Care & Treatment
Administration of oxygen in patie...,
___ will help you understand the ...,
Typically a person in respiratory...
36  cards
Chapter 16 Flashcards
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Cardiovascular Emergencies - Basics & Pathophysiology
Normal electrical impulses in the...,
Where is the sinus node,
What is the sinus node also known as
125  cards
Cardiovascular Emergencies - Assessment & Monitoring
If the cardiac patient is having ...,
If you cannot get a pulse oximetr...,
If the cardiac patient is not bre...
32  cards
Chapter 17 Flashcards
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Neurologic Emergencies
Three major parts of the brain,
Controls basic functions of the b...,
Located just behind the brainstem
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Chapter 18 Flashcards
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Gastrointestinal & Urologic Emergencies
Solid organs of the gi and urinar...,
Hollow organs of the gi and urina...,
Sugars start to be absorbed while...
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Chapter 19 Flashcards
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Endocrine & Hematologic Emergencies
A communication system that contr...,
The endocrine system maintains th...,
___ secrete messenger hormones
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Chapter 20 Flashcards
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Allergy & Anaphylaxis
The study of the body s immune sy...,
Protects the human body from fore...,
Exaggerated immune response to an...
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Chapter 21 Flashcards
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Chronic poisoning is often caused...,
The term poisoning includes ___,
You may be able to prevent death ...
182  cards
Chapter 22 Flashcards
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Behavioral Health Emergencies
Although you cannot determine wha...,
What you can see of a person s re...,
Stress is managed by the use of ___
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Chapter 23 Flashcards
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Gynecologic Emergencies
Folds of tissue that surround the...,
At the anterior end of the labia ...,
At the posterior end of the labia...
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Chapter 24 Flashcards
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Trauma Overview
Occur as a result of physical for...,
Include illnesses or conditions n...,
Your awareness and concern for po...
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Chapter 25 Flashcards
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As blood flows out of the heart i...,
The largest artery in the body,
The smaller blood vessels that co...
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Chapter 26 Flashcards
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Soft-Tissue Injuries
Injuries that result from sudden ...,
Death resulting from soft tissue ...,
First line of defense against ext...
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Chapter 27 Flashcards
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Face & Neck Injuries
The head is divided into two parts,
The most posterior portion of the...,
On each side of the cranium the l...
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Chapter 28 Flashcards
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Head & Spine Injuries
Two anatomic parts of the nervous...,
The cns is composed of the ___,
___ link the nuclei and cell bodi...
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Chapter 29 Flashcards
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Chest Injuries
The body s ability to move air in...,
The process of delivering oxygen ...,
Thoracic cage
78  cards
Chapter 30 Flashcards
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Abdominal & Genitourinary Injuries
Major body cavity extending from ...,
Overlooked genitourinary injury c...,
In pediatric patients the ___ are...
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Chapter 31 Flashcards
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Orthopaedic Injuries
Three types of muscle,
Skeletal muscle is also called ___,
Skeletal muscle is attached to th...
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Chapter 32 Flashcards
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Environmental Emergencies
Factors affecting exposure,
Children cannot shiver until age ___,
Five methods of heat loss
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Chapter 33 Flashcards
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Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
The female reproductive system in...,
Two glands located on either side...,
Each ovary contains ___ and ___
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Chapter 34 Flashcards
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Pediatric Emergencies
The specialized medical practice ...,
The first year of life,
The first month of life
259  cards
Chapter 35 Flashcards
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Geriatric Emergencies
The assessment and treatment of d...,
Older patients will have less hel...,
As they get older the alveoli can...
134  cards
Chapter 36 Flashcards
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Patients with Special Challenges
A group of conditions that may im...,
An intellectual disability charac...,
62  cards
Chapter 37 Flashcards
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Transport Operations
Nfpa code that covers certifying ...,
Basic ambulance designs,
Conventional truck cab chassis wi...
58  cards
Chapter 38 Flashcards
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Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
If you are involved with extricat...,
Shock absorbing bumpers can ___,
Clearance to maintain around airbags
32  cards
Chapter 39 Flashcards
0  cards
Incident Management
Any call that involves three or m...,
An agreement between neighboring ...,
Two important underlying principl...
142  cards
Chapter 40 Flashcards
0  cards
Terrorism Response and Disaster Management
Difference between domestic and i...,
The deliberate creation and explo...
107  cards

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