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Anatomy of Circulatory System Lab Terms
Pulmonary circulation,
Systemic circulation,
Oxygenated blood
12  cards
Hematology Lab Part 1
Functions of blood,
The percent volume of whole blood...,
Determined by comparing the heigh...
64  cards
Hematology Lab Part 2
The blood contains 3 specialized ...,
Another name for rbc,
Another name for wbc
39  cards
Cardiovascular Physiology Lab
Auscultation of the hearts means,
The vibrations producing the soun...,
1st heart sound
46  cards
Hematology Lab Pt 2
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin mchc ...,
Normal platelet value range,
Mean corpuscular volume formula mcv
27  cards
Heart Lab
Which heart sound produced in the...,
Which heart sound occurs after th...,
4 major ausculatory areas
37  cards
Respiratory Lab
Male total lung capacity,
Male inspiratory reserve volume,
Male tidal volume
31  cards
Renal Physiology
Rate at which blood is filtered t...,
Two main structures of the kidney,
Metabolism rate of toxic by products
25  cards
Vocab For Practical 2
A cavity or hole inside of a rube...,
10  cards
Post Test 2 Notes
The corpus luteum causes the secr...,
An erection is caused by,
What causes ovulation
98  cards
Lecture Notes for Exam I
Function of circulatory system,
What are the 2 parts of the circu...,
Where do the arteries carry blood
166  cards
Old Exam I Key
Sympathetic input to heart,
Parasympathetic input to heart,
Which of the 2 parasympathetic or...
53  cards
Immunology Lecture Notes
What are viruses made up of
63  cards
Test 2 Notes
Viruses or bacteria that are inje...,
T dependent antigens
89  cards
Respiration Lecture Notes
Cellular respiration,
Bulk flow
57  cards
Digestion Lecture Notes
Why do we need food,
99  cards
Old Exam II Answer Key
Which blood types has antibodies ...,
Is a monocyte an organ specific m...,
The serous membrane in physical c...
53  cards
More Immunology Lecture Notes from Old Notes
What does mhc stand for,
What are the purpose of mhc,
Mhc i
100  cards
More Respiration Notes from Old Notes
How is oxygen moved to exchange s...,
How is oxygen uptaken across resp...
59  cards
More Digestion Notes from Old Notes
73  cards
Excretion Notes from Old Notes
Nephrons are composed of,
What enters the bowmen s capsule
47  cards
Reproduction Notes from Old Notes
Diploid cells,
51  cards
Final Exam Notes
Peritubular capillaries,
Vasa recta,
Glomerular filtration rate
160  cards
Exam I Answer Key
If a person s systolic pressure i...,
If a person has a cardiac output ...,
Ventricular ejection occurs when
32  cards
Exam II Answer Key
Word for the specific metabolic p...,
The amount of air remaining in th...,
This structure is common to both ...
51  cards
Digestive/Respiratory Systems Gross Anatomy [Lab Practical 2]
Name the salivary glands,
Name the different teeth,
What is the eustachian tube also ...
16  cards
Respiratory & Digestive System Terms to Know [Lab Practical 2]
A cavity or hole inside of a tube...,
10  cards
Organ Descriptions of Respiratory & Digestive System [Lab Practical 2]
The trachea branches into 2,
These bronchi primary bronchus br...,
The bronchioles continue to branc...
14  cards
Respiratory Lab [Lab Practical 2]
The female respiratory values are...,
Male total lung capacity,
Male inspiratory reserve volume
53  cards
Renal Physiology Lab
The chief regulators of the inter...,
How do the kidneys achieve homeos...,
The two main structures of the ki...
34  cards

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